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Educational institutions, including Sultan Qaboos University, can provide the ideal environment to discover and improve researchers’ talents and capabilities. Lecture time is no longer enough to meet the growing demands to build the learner’s personality and keep up with today’s progress in culture and technology. The emphasis that SQU places on research rises from the fact that researchers are a national wealth, an inexhaustible treasure and a key driver of development in all fields. They are indeed the most capable of sparking progress and lead the march of change with their exceptional gift of understanding, implementation, guidance, leadership and innovation.

Keeping in mind the vision and mission of SQU, the Omani Studies Center is one of the university’s research channels that focuses on the Omani society. The center offers a perfect harmony between research activities, community events, library collections and academic activities which reflect the social and cultural needs of the Omani society.

We are looking forward to see the Omani Studies Center become the pilgrimage destination for researchers and the memory of SQU and Oman. 

Dr. Ahmed Hmed Al-Rabaani 
OSC Director 



To become a central research and information center that focuses on serving the Omani community and preserving its identity and heritage.


Establish a research-oriented system that can regulate and encourage research, intellectual and cultural activities related to the Sultanate of Oman, and that can develop manuscripts handling and accessibility practices.
1- Establish and publish studies and researches related to the Omani society, and provide related consultancy for public and private organizations.
2- Promote the center and build its institutional identity
3- Collect and document information, studies, reports and statistical surveys related to the objectives of the center.
4- Encourage academic collaboration with counterpart research centers, universities, and Arab and foreign institutions of similar interests.
5- Organize research and academic activities such as conferences, symposia, forums and seminars.
6- Contribute in collecting, reviewing and preserving Omani manuscripts, and making them available for researchers.
7- Preserve both material and narrated Omani heritage, be it individual or collective.
8- Spread awareness and knowledge about Omani studies and heritage, and reach out to a wider base of researchers and academics.
1. On 28/8/1998 a decision to establish the Omani Research and Studies Unit was issued by the President of the university 
2. On 7/3/1999 the President of the university issued executive decision No.15/99 constituting a committee to formalize the decision for establishing an Omani Studies Center 
3. On 7/8/1999 the University Council approved the establishment of the Omani Studies Center 
4. On 21/9/1999 the President of the university issued a circular (No. 1025) authorizing the collection and documentation of all relevant documents from various colleges, Centers and the university administration and deposit them in OSC in preparation to document and archive them. 
5. On 29/10/2002 the President of the university issued decision (No.122/2002) establishing a center called the Omani Studies Center. 
6. On 9/2/2003 the President of the university issued decision No. 16/2003 which stated that the center would be headed by the Assistant Vice-President for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research. Also, it stated that the responsibilities, staff and possessions of the erstwhile Omani Research and Studies Unit will be brought under the administrative control of the Omani Studies Center. 
7. On 16/7/2003 the President of the university issued a decision, approving the organizational structure of the Center



Omani Studies centre

Administration of the Center


Dr. Ahmed Hamed Hamdan Al-Rabaani 

Job Title: Director

Tel: 24145850

Email: arabaani@squ.edu.om


Ms. Asma Mubark Baniorabh

Job Title: Coordinator

Tel: 24145851

Email: baniorab@squ.edu.om


Ms. Laila Zahran Al Sibani

Job Title: Graphic Designer

Tel: 24145873

Email: laila.zahran@squ.edu.om


Mr.Al Muatasim Said Saif Al Maawali 

Job Title: Religious Supervisor

Tel: 24145856

Email: muatasim@squ.edu.om


Mr. Ali Salem Al Fathili

Job Title: Messenger

Tel: 24145871

Email: alfathili@squ.edu.om

Research and Studies


Mr. Abdullah Hamed Al Maani

Job Title: Assistant Researcher (B)

Tel: 24145857

Email: abdullahm@squ.edu.om


Ms.Tahani Abdullah Al Hosni

Job Title: Assistant Researcher (B)

Tel: 24145869

Email: tahani@squ.edu.om

Ms. Watfa Masood Al Farsi

Job Title: Assistant Researcher (C)

Tel: 24145854

Email: watfa89@squ.edu.om





Mr. Said Mohammed Al Rahbi

Job Title: Chief Librarians (C)

Tel: 24145868

Email: saidr@squ.edu.om


Ms. Safiya Sultan Al Hosni

Job Title: Librarian (B)

Tel: 24145862

Email: safiyas@squ.edu.om

Ms. Mariam Khames Al Araimi

Job Title: Chief Librarian (C)

Tel: 24145863

Email: mariamk@squ.edu.om


Dr. Saleh Sulieman Al Zeheimi

Job Title: Librarian (B) (PHD leave)

Tel: 24145854



Ms. Bushra Saif Al-Hadrami

Job Title: Librarian

Tel: 24145866

Email: bushraoman88@gmail.com


Mr. Mahmood Abdullah Salam Al Saqri 

Job Title: Senior Librarian (B)

Tel: 24145851

Email: mahmoud2@squ.edu.om