Research and Studies Department

The research vision of the Omani Studies Center is to preserve the Omani cultural identity and highlights the Omani wealth of knowledge at all levels. The Omani Studies Center is a reliable source of social, cultural and historical studies on Oman.

The Research and Studies Department aims to support SQU vision in the field of research as it focuses on research, studies, documents and books related to Oman in the historical, social and cultural fields.

The department proposes and conducts many studies in cooperation with different colleges and departments in the university. The department, also, provides research consultancy services for both governmental and private institutions in the Sultanate.

In addition, the department welcomes all researchers interested in Omani studies from different parts of the world. The areas of collaboration include joint research, and publishing of cultural books as per the applicable rules of Sultan Qaboos University.

Besides research, the department, also, organizes events and activities such as conferences, symposia, lectures and workshops that enrich the Omani cultural and academic life in the Sultanate.