About Publishing Section

Academic Publishing is one of the department's sections. It handles the different stages of book production, including receiving the manuscript, cover design, and marketing through channels available on campus or beyond the university. Further, the section is in charge of book refereeing, financial affairs as to fees of authors and referees and costs of publishing and marketing, and keeping records of sales of publications.  The section is also assigned with organizing the meetings of the SQU’s Academic Publishing Board and implementing its decisions. Being concerned with all aspects of academic publishing at the SQU, the Board is regarded as the executive body that regulates the process of publishing and its provisions and updates. It publishes the university’s diverse intellectual work according to world publishing standards as to editing, documenting, and printing. All publishing at the university is carried out in line with the rules and procedures of the academic publishing at the university.

  • Emphasizing the importance of academic publishing at the university and urging all academics to publish the findings of their work so that they benefit the society.
  • Implementing the operating policies of academic publishing in the university and the Sultanate pursuant to the rules and regulations of academic publishing at the university.
  • Following up the execution of plans and policies which would help facilitate the procedures of academic publishing.
  • Ensuring that publications refereed by the Academic Publishing Board maintain a high quality.
  • Catering for the needs of all clients seeking the section’s services (including authors, referees, targeted audience, other departments in the university, and those circles which are concerned with the publishing industry
  • Maintaining that the academic publishing at the Sultan Qaboos University is keeping abreast of the developments in other societies
  • Ensuring that the plans and policies designed to market academic publications are applicable and fulfill all the requirements for and goals of publishing at the Sultan Qaboos University
  • Opening up new horizons for publishing, particularly in the areas of translation and electronic publishing
  • Underlining the significant effects of participating in exhibitions, conferences, and events that cover academic publishing both within and beyond the university.
  • Following up and encouraging the academic publishing activity at the university
  • Implementing the operating policies of academic publishing in the university and the Sultanate
  • Facilitating the procedures of academic publishing in the university by providing:
    • Rules, policies and procedures of academic publishing
    • Means of communication between different concerned departments
    • Access to available electronic systems such as statistics software programs and following up the process of book refereeing
    • information to anyone benefiting from the section’s services
  • Coordinating and preparing for the meetings of the Academic Publishing Board
    • Handling all the correspondences and coordination with authors and referees
    • Following up and implementing the procedures of refereeing books which are submitted to the Academic Publishing Board
    • Receiving reports from the referees and remitting them to the Academic Publishing Board
    • Guiding the process of producing manuscripts which are approved by the Academic Publishing Board
    • Preparing reports and correspondences with regard to the publishing and distribution of books endorsed by Academic Publishing Board
    • Working closely with the author and the printing press to oversee the whole process of printing, design, and layout
    • Overcoming problems arising during the process of publishing books
    • Keeping a dossier for manuscripts approved for publishing including all the documents and data of delivery
    • Maintaining a complete folder of all the materials handed in by the author
    • Ensuring that the manuscript meets the basic conditions prior to submission to the Academic Publishing Board
  • Coordinating with the departments which are concerned with academic publishing inside and outside the university over publication distribution matters
  • Setting in motion plans for marketing and promoting academic publications of the Board utilizing all possible channels
 Yahya Al Haji

Head, Publication Section

Ext.: 5938
Bader Al Ghafry

Clerk, Publication Section

Ext.: 5945

 Intisar Hamdan Mohammed 

Associate editor
, Publication Section

Ext.: 3868

 Ameera Hassan Abdulbaky

Coordinator, Publication Section

Ext.: 3258

 Shehrajoy Kajap Beroar

Associate editor, Publication Section

Ext.: 3457

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