That the Printing Press becomes the best Print Organization among the University Printing Presses in the Region by year 2020.



Provision of effective work environment for all the services and provision of necessary resources for the line of production of the Printing Press.



The establishment of the Printing Press coincided with the inauguration of Sultan Qaboos University, in the year 1986. It was to function as a non-profit department, serving only the University and the SQU Hospital. The purpose behind that was to highlight the need of a good printing press, capable of meeting the voluminous requirements of the curriculum, publishing, and other stationery needs of the University. This includes the course books, periodical scientific journals, research books, and other books/booklets/brochures/posters, etc., to be printed on various special occasions, such as, graduation ceremony, University day, conferences, workshops, exhibitions and other occasions. The SQU Printing Press extends its best services, with high quality and capability in printing various jobs for all the Colleges, Centers, Deanships and other departments, according to its available facilities. In view of the growing number of students yearly in the University, opening of more departments in the existing Colleges, and the resultant increase in the number of printing jobs that we receive, we are looking forward to get latest facilities and new building, according to the University strategic plan, in order to meet future demands.



1 – High degree of efficiency in management of Production operation.

2 – Control over the Operation plans and achieving a balance between the productive forces and maintain the important factors, which are:

          a) achieving maximum operational efficiency;

          b) compliance of deadline for the delivery of finished material.

3 – Selection of the staff who posses efficiency and technical expertise.

4 – Accuracy in selection of hardware equipment and consumable material for purchasing.

5 – Optimum utilization of Printing Press budget.

6 – Optimum utilization of equipment and hardware.

7 –Improving the performance of the Printing Press staff.

8 – Maximizing the dealers satisfaction.

9 – Simplifying and development of procedures and mechanisms of work.