Coordination and Follow-up Section

The section performs the coordination and follow-up functions for the Department which include the following:
  1. Typing, registering and indexing all incoming and outgoing correspondences, storing them, and follow up (on them) with the concerned units.
  2. Communicating and receiving phone calls and fax correspondences.
  3. Storing all documents and project files, which come under the supervision of the Department.
  4. Scheduling appointments for various clients that deal with the Department.
  5. Preparation of requests for Department's needs of stationeries and computers and it's follow-up.
  6. Follow-up with the concerned bodies about the issuance of bonds and land holdings related to the University.
  7. Follow-up about the Department's staff data in the program of Human and Financial Resources in coordination with the concerned units.
  8. The recording of data on the strategic plan in the system.
  9. Coordination with the concerned units for the study and preparation of rehabilitation plan and training programs of Department's staff.
  10. The preparation and processing of tender documents in cooperation and coordination with the concerned units within the university and other government bodies (Tender Board, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Legal Affairs) as well as private sectors and distributing them to the related bodies.
  11. Coordination with the University Security Administration regarding the issuance of entry permits to the campus for companies supervised by the Department.
  12. Data entry for fuel car bills and overtime forms into the system and it's follow- up with the concerned units.
  13. Any other additional tasks.