The Deanship of Postgraduate Studies offers various postgraduate programs in different colleges each year for those who have the appropriate scientific specialization, capacity and expertise in the area of research and where the admission requirements applies to them such as the English language proficiency test.


Admission depends on scientific background of the applicant and the total abilities evaluated by college departments, which are characterized by professionalism and seeking to achieve quality in postgraduate studies. 







 Postgraduate Programs (Doctoral , Master’s and Postgraduate Diploma) 2020/2021

College of Economic and Political Science

College of Education


1.Curriculum and Instruction in Sciences

2. Curriculum and Instruction in Islamic Education 

3. Curriculum and Instruction in the Arabic Language

4. Curriculum and Instruction in Social Studies 

5. Educational Administration  



1. Curriculum & Methods of Teaching Arabic Language
2. Curriculum & Methods of Teaching English Language
3. Curriculum & Methods of Teaching Islamic Education
4. Curriculum & Methods of Teaching Science
5. Curriculum & Methods of Teaching Mathematics
6. Curriculum & Methods of Teaching Social Studies
7. Educational Administration

                   a.School Administration

                   d.Educational Supervision 

                   c.Educational Planning

8. Psychology:
                  a. Measurement and Evaluation
                  b. Educational Psychology
                  c. Learning Disabilities 
                  d. Career Guidancee.

                  e. Counseling Psychology


9. Islamic Studies:
                  a. Fundamentals Religion and Da’wa
                  b. Islamic Jurisprudence and Its Principal
10. Sport Sciences:
                  a. Sport Management and Supervision
                  b. Physical and Health Conditioning 

11. Instructional and Learning Technologies

12. Arts

College of Arts and Social Sciences


1. Arabic Language and Literature

2. Information Studies





1. Arabic Language
2. Geography
3. Mass Communication
             a. Journalism
             b. Broadcasting Media
             c. Public Relation & Advertising
4. Library & Information Science
5. Sociology

6. Social Work
7. Archaeology 




Postgraduate Diploma 

1. Translation

College of Engineering

College of Agricultural and Marine Science

College of Science

College of Medicine and Health Sciences

College of Law

College of Nursing