The Department consists of three sections: The Scholarships and Financial Support, Tuition Section, and International Students.

The Department of Scholarships and Tuition Fees provides postgraduate students with services that involve scholarships for master's and doctorate degrees, financial support, conference attendance for doctoral students, and payment of tuition fees.

The Department also facilitates the enrollment of international students in postgraduate programs and organizing cultural and recreational activities for them in coordination with the concerned units.


Academic Fees

All postgraduate students in SQU are required to pay tuition fees. Postgraduate students retain ultimate liability for payment of their tuition fees and need to adhere to provisions set by SQU with regard to:



Scholarships & Financial Support

Students who are enrolled in postgraduate programs and meet Scholarships General Requirements may compete for scholarships and Sponsorships offered in the academic year, depending on nominations by the unit (college or company) according to the relevant criteria set by the unit.



Student meeting SQU Scholarships General Requirements will be automatically transferred to the list of students scholarships contestants.  The list shall be approved once students hold admission to programs and procedures pertaining to approval of the list of candidates are finalized.