Scholarships Regulation

Sultan Qaboos University offers various type of Scholarships for doctoral & Master students based on the announcement. Those cover either exemption from tuition fees or monthly allowance or both.

Types of Scholarship (available according to the announcement)

  • Full scholarships, including student exemption from tuition fees and a monthly allowance.
  • Exemption from Tuition Fees which is limited to exemption from fees only.
  • Monthly Allowance which is limited to a monthly allowance only.

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements (Conditions)

  • The student must have an acceptance for a postgraduate program.
  • The acceptance must be unconditional.
  • For Master's scholarships, the student must have a minimum Accumulative Grade Points Average of 3.00 out of 4.00 or equivalent in the undergraduate degree.
  • For PhD scholarships, applicants must satisfy the program's admission conditions.
  • The student must be full time.

Scholarship Benefits

  • Monthly allowance  for students who are on full and monthly allowance scholarships based on the contract.
  • Economy airfare ticket given for full scholarship students coming from outside the country, from and to the nearest airport in their permanent residence once a year.
  • Paid leave for 36 days upon approval of the Department Head.

Commitments of Scholarship Student

  • Adhere to the Postgraduate Scholarships Policy.
  • Must be full time.
  • Commit to the assigned work.
  • Fully comply with SQu regulations, Policies adn Decisions issued by the Vice-Chancellor.

The Work Assigned to the Scholarship Student

  • It is only assigned to the students on full or monthly allowance scholarships.
  • It is academic in nature.
  • It is specified by the Department Head.
  • The working hours assigned should not exceed 10 hours per week.

Scholarship Suspension

The scholarship is suspended temporarily in the following cases:

  • Violation of any of the conditions of scholarships.
  • Failing to register in a semester.
  • ·Postponement of study during the official period of the program.
  • Unjustified absence from work for more than 15 continuous days or 21 discontinuous days in a semester.
  • Low performance in the assigned work.

Redemption of the Suspended Scholarship

following must be followed:

  • The acceptance of the college with approval of the Dean is required to redeem the suspended full and monthly allowance scholarships.
  • The approval of the Dean is required to redeem the suspended exemption from tuition fees scholarship.
  • The approval of the Dean is required to redeem the suspended scholarships.
  • The scholarships' benefits are continued after approval from the Dean, based on their types.
  • Money paid by the suspended student during suspension is not reimbursed.

Scholarship Termination

The scholarship is terminated in the following cases:

  • Withdrawal from the academic program.
  • Withdrawal from the scholarship.
  • The student postpones the study in the first semester. Extertional cases may be considered.



Important Note: The scholarship may not be redeemed when terminated, and to the University may ask the student to pay back the tuition fees paid by the University towards the scholarship as per the contract when the scholarship is terminated.


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