SQU has established three academic boards chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies & Research. These are the Postgraduate Studies Board, the Research Board and the Academic Publication Board. These are responsible for devising rules and regulations for the functions of the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies and the Deanship of Research at the university. They also consider proposals by the two deanships, make relevant decisions and set sub-committees formed members from the two deanships or other departments. In achieving their duties, they can also solicit other experts. 


·         Formulate criteria necessary to maintain the academic standards of the postgraduate studies and research.

·         Draw up future plans, propose regulations for the postgraduate studies and research and review them periodically.

·         Publish, develop and review manuscripts, research work and refereed journals and books at the university.

·         Advise on budget matters and annual reports related to postgraduate studies and research.


·         Adopt strategies to develop ways of organizing research activities.

·         Accomplish a leadership in research that meets the needs of the national
          economy and makes cutting-edge contributions to human knowledge.

·         Expand the postgraduate programs so as to increase the academic potentials.

·         Promote academic publishing.