In 2009 the Postgraduate Studies Board was established to pursue the University’s goals of implementing the strategic plans in the area of postgraduate studies. This involves designing policies, drafting proposals, reviewing programs, and exerting all efforts to improve the academic qualityof postgraduate programs. 


The Board is chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies & Research and consists of the following members:

·         Dean of Postgraduate Studies (Board’s Deputy Chair)

·         Dean of Admission & Registration

·         College’s Assistant Deans for Postgraduate Studies & Research

Two faculty members (Associate Professor or Professor) selected by the Deputy Vice-Chncellor for Postgraduate Studies & Research for a two-year term.

·         Develop and periodically review postgraduate studies academic regulations

·         Evaluate and recommend on postgraduate programs proposed by various colleges

·         Develop standards necessary to maintain the academic quality of postgraduate programs

·         Draft future plans for postgraduate studies

·         Asses the annual report for postgraduate studies prior to submission to the Vice-Chancellor

·         Address other matters submitted to the Board at the request of the Chair,
          the Board convenes at least once a semester and whenever deemed necessary.
          The board may form subcommittees from its members or others to help deliver its duties.