The Shell Chair in Carbonate, which was established in 2006, is a joint venture between SQU and Shell International.

The Shell Chair in intended to support the goals of the Oil & Gas Research Center (OGRC) by leading the development of research and training programs with special emphasis on carbonate reservoir characterization and modeling. Accordingly, Shell International will provide funding for research while SQU will cover the logistical aspects. 


·         Provide solid ground for promoting scientific studies and their educational applications including labs and materials

·         Conduct quality research on strategic problems and coordinate efforts of SQU
          experts and local and world research institutions

·         Undertake studies on humanities and social sciences that are of importance to the Sultanate

·         Deliver training on modern applied sciences


·         Generate quality research products in vital areas that serve different sectors

·         Support the infrastructure of research in SQU through what they offer in
          terms of labs and facilities and technology transfer

·         Create funding opportunities to conduct scientific studies

·         Develop postgraduate studies by proposing new programs and engaging the
          Chair holders in teaching and supervising postgraduate students

·         Utilize new technology in promoting the national development plans

·         Facilitate collaboration with regional and international research centers