The Chair was established in 2008 to conduct research on manufacturing desalination membranes locally. The purpose is to use these products in desalinating water in the Sultanate and thus decrease production cost and increase efficiency. The membranes are tested in the Al Hail desalination station. The Chair also seeks to build human capacity in the area of nanotechnology of water desalination. 


·         Establish a research program in nanotechnology for water desalination

·         Build an infrastructure of labs and facilities for research in nanotechnology for water desalination

·         Collaborate with local, regional and international organizations to support its efforts

·         Provide research, consultancies, and analyses on SQU available resources


·         Conduct research to produce membranes for desalination water

·         Test the manufactured membranes in the Al  Hail desalination station

·         Lay the foundation stone of using nanotechnology in water desalination stations

·         Train human resources in nanotechnology for water desalination

·         Support postgraduate programs