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Established in 2000, the Center for Environmental Studies and Research (CESAR) is the Sultan Qaboos University’s focal point for multidisciplinary research, training, and consultancy programs related to the environment. As evident from its Mission , Vision and Objectives , CESAR is dedicated to conducting high-level research to facilitate decision making regarding environmental issues in public and private spheres. CESAR is partnering with faculty and students in many colleges at SQU, public organizations, international agencies, and industrial stakeholders to conduct a variety of research, training, and community engagement activities.


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  • Collect and analyze the data and disseminate the information among all stake holders involved in environmental research/projects done at the national, regional and international level.
  • Facilitate interactions between government ministries, international agencies and the private sector to carry out environmental research in the Sultanate.
  • Promote interdisciplinary environmental research at the University using available expertise and other resources.
  • Seek and administer internal/external funding for environmental research and programs organized by/at the University.
  • Organize seminars, symposia and conferences on environmental issues with the assistance of local, regional and international sponsors.
  • Publish articles, directories, and conference proceedings to disseminate research results.
  • Create awareness of environmental issues among school and university students and public using mass media and by organizing special activities.
  • Facilitate consultancy projects by linking up SQU researchers with relevant stake holders.
  • Support of postdoctoral fellows and visiting scholars to conduct environmental research in Oman.
Dr malik Dr. Malik Mohammed Al Wardy, PhD
Associate Professor
Research Interests
  • Soil pollution and contamination
  • Land Degradation
  • Climate change
  • Water resource management
  • Remote sensing and GIS
Contact call  (968) 24143122. email


Dr. Hamed Hamoud Al- Nadabi, PhD

Assistant Research

Research Interests
  • Issues related to Plant Diseases, 
  • Environmental Biotechnology 

  • Biodiversity Conservation  
Contact call  (968) 24143126 email


Dr. Salah Ali Jellali, PhD
Associate Professor

Research Interests
  • Decentralized wastewater management
  • Wastewater treatment and valorization
  • Solid wastes management and valorization
  • Biochars valorization in agriculture and environment 
  • Sustainability and circular economy
Contact call  (968) 24143378 email



Dr. Ahlam Hilal Al Hanai, PhD
Associate Researcher

Research Interests
  • Aerosols
  • Air Pollution
  • (In Vitro) PM Toxicity
  • Blue Carbon
Contact call  (968) 24146747 email



Dr. Sulaiman Salim Al Hashmi, PhD
Assistant Research

Research Interests Renewable energy technologies: Solar thermal ,Solar PV, Wind ,Green hydrogen, Geothermal ,Solar thermal storage ,Hybrid renewable systems, Thermodynamic ,Striling engine, Heat exchanger ,Energy Efficient System
Contact call  (968) 24143378 email



Mr. Khalifa Sulaiman Al-Zeidi, MSc
Associate Researcher

Research Interests
  • Climatology
  • Climate changes
  • Natural Disaster Management
  • Sustainability Issues
  • Local Community Issues
  • Sustainable Smart Cities
  • Physical Geography
Contact call  (968) 24143126 email



Mr. Ahmed Khamis Al-Sidairi, BSc  
Assistant Researcher

Research Interests
  • Issues related to Ecosystems 
  • Biodiversity Conservation
Contact call  (968) 24143378  email



Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Raeesi, B.Sc.   
Assistant Researcher

Research Interests
  • Issues related to Water Technology 
  • Soil and Water Management 
  • Climate Change and Environmental Pollution and Awareness
Contact call  (968) 24143378  email






HMs Projects

External Projects

Pyrolysis as a sustainable option for poultry manure management: Investigations on biochars valorization in agriculture and environment Use of iron-based nanocomposites to develop an efficient immobilization technology for contaminated soils

Sustainable management of the produced wastewaters/wastes in the main industrial area of the sultanate of Oman towards zero-liquid/solid discharges Development of Efficient Treatments for Safe Reuse and Disposal of industrial wastewater and sludge in agricultural soil

ATLAS Project Research Chair for Industrial estates development in Oman

An offshore Wind Energy Resource Assessment for the Sultanate of Oman

Oman Regional studies and National Transport surveys Readiness Preparatory support for Oman

Coastal Ecosystem Management Assessment of Sustainable Remediation Options for Contaminated Soil Stockpiles Climate changes Modelling International Conference proposal on “Climate Change policy and strategies toward the implementation

Air quality monitoring in the Sultanate of Oman Coastal water quality and pollution monitoring Wastewater treatment and reuse at Al Marsa fisheries plant at al Russayl industrial estate

Review of Literature on Environmental Issues in the Sultanate An Evaluative Study of the Environmental and Social Responsibility Programs of Corporate Sector in Al-Wusta Governorate Wastewater Treatment and Reuse at A’Saffa Poultry Farm at Thamrait

Land Degradation in Jebal Akhdar region to UNEP/GEF

Internal Projects

Evaluating Blue Carbon Sequestration of Intact and Restored Avicennia Marina Along the Coastline of Oman Characterization, Diversity and Biological Control of Fungal Species Associated with dieback disease of Juniperus seravschanica in Western Hajr Mountains in Oman

Nutrients recovery from wastewaters by modified biochars for agronomic valorization: Static and dynamic investigations Efficient and cost-effective treatment of oilfield produced water by integrating advanced oxidation processes and adsorption

Vulnerability and Adaptation in Omani Agriculture : Coping with Climate Change

Socio-economic Significance of Mangroves for the coastal people of Oman: A changing scenario

Socio economic of mangrove in Oman International Desalination conference

Development of low-cost and decentralized grey water treatment systems for proper handling, treatment and reuse in Oman and South Africa”




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19 September 2022

News Title: Exploratory visit to Jabal Shams.

A team from CESAR made an exploratory visit to Jabal Shams in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate. The aim of the visit was to examine the ecosystem in the mountain and the challenges facing the vegetation growth in the region. Samples from the Juniper trees were taken for further analyses in the laboratories of Sultan Qaboos University (SQU).


31 October 2022 

News Title: Celebration of the Omani Tree Day 

CESAR participated in the celebration of the Omani Tree Day, which was organized by the Life Sciences Unit at the College of Sciences, SQU. This event was held in the botanical garden of the university and was attended by several environmental bodies from inside and outside the university. This celebration was an excellent opportunity to exchange with young school students about the role of trees in the environment preservation. CESAR participated with two posters: 
1- Trees: A life after death?
2- Composts 


5-7 December 2022 

News Title: Participation in The First International Conference on Plant Protection

CESAR’s staff participated in the organization of the First International Conference on Plant Protection. This conference was held in SQU from 5 to 7 December 2023 by the Department of Plant Sciences at the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences. 
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8 December 2022 

News Title: Participation in the International Symposium on Strategies for Sustaining Wheat Production 

CESAR’s researchers attend the International Symposium on Strategies for Sustaining Wheat Production held in the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences. This symposium reviewed the challenges faced by the wheat crop, the limitations and opportunities available to develop its production in the Sultanate of Oman.
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16 - 18 January 2023 

News Title: Organization and participation in the First edition of “Oman Conference for Environmental Sustainability”

CESAR’s staff has participated to the organization of the First edition of “Oman Conference for Environmental Sustainability”. This event was inaugurated by his Highness Sayyid Theyazin, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth. This event was held in the International Convention and Exhibition Center and focused on atmospheric pollution and climate change. More than 400 participants attended the conference from 25 countries.

Two oral presentations were performed by CESAR’s staff:

1- Dr. Ahlam Al-Hanai: Deployment of Low Cost PM 2.5 Sensors to Investigate the Spatial Distribution of Fine PM in Muscat, Oman

2- Dr. Salah Jellali: Recent advances in biochars applications for climate change mitigation and wastes sustainable management

Moreover, two sessions were chaired by CESAR staff:

1- Dr. Hassan Al-Reasi: Environmental Effects & health impacts of air pollution 

2- Dr. Salah Jellali: Climate Change Impacts and Resilient Development
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