Innovation & Technology Transfer Center

The Center was established in 2018 and contributes to Oman’s social and economic development by supporting young Omanis in learning about, and engaging in, every aspect of innovation and entrepreneurship, thereby resulting in activities and initiatives that lead to the creation of spin-offs and start-ups and that contribute to the diversification and sustainability of Oman’s economy. It does this in a national context where Oman continues to place a heavy emphasis on innovation as a way of promoting economic diversification, job growth, and global competitiveness. The Center is also mandated by SQU’s Strategic Plan 2016-2040 which underlines the importance of establishing an independent Center for innovation. As a result, the Center not only builds upon SQU’s existing infrastructure and capabilities in innovation, but also helps fulfil national objectives in relation to strategic socio-economic development. The Innovation & Technology Transfer Center has five sections which are overseen by the center’s director. These sections are: Training, Mentoring and Outreach; Industry Linkages and Licencing; Incubation; Intellectual Property; and Innovation and Technology Transfer Studies.