Welcome to Risk Management Office Website

The Risk Management Office (RMO) is committed to assist Sultan Qaboos University in achieving its set strategic goals by adopting a comprehensive and systematic approach to identify, assess and manage all types of risks the University could potentially encounter: strategic, academic, operational, financial, reputational and compliance risks.

Our vision is to be a leader in risk management of academic institutions for higher education. In fulfilling this vision, risk management is to be integrated in all decision making processes, at various levels across the University.

We believe that through an Integrated Risk Management approach, all levels of the SQU community will be able to identify, assess and manage risks efficiently and effectively in their respective areas.

Our aim for Risk Management at SQU is not to completely eliminate risks from University activities, but rather to ensure that risks are managed appropriately so that opportunities are maximized and the adverse effects of risks are eliminated. 

We seek your cooperation in complying with University policies and procedures and in assisting the RMO in making SQU a great place to work, study and visit.

We invite you to contact our office in case we can be of any assistance.  Your feedback is highly appreciated.



Dr. Salim Al Harthi

RMO Director