The conference will take place on the campus of Sultan Qaboos University, at the main Conference Hall from the 18th to 20th February 2018. Topics of discussion are as under:

-- Day 1/ 18 February 2017/ Conference Theme: Academic Risk Management in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

Despite the high priority assigned to risk management in the corporate sector, there is still a need to expand knowledge of risk management in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The conference presents a great opportunity to explore how strategic and academic processes in HEIs can be aligned to risk strategy: Key topics that come under the Strategic and Academic Risks theme include:

1- An Overview of Risk Management and its evolution in higher Education.

2- Strategic Decision-making and risk taking.

3- Development of Strategic Risk framework within HEIs.

4- Sharing best practices of Higher Education Risk Management.

5- Integration of risk management in academic programs and research.

6- Development of Academic Risk Framework and identification of appropriate governance models.

7- Identification, Assessment and monitoring of Academic risks within HEIs.

Also highlighting top risks facing higher education institutions: cyber and information technology, risk of ranking, alignment between market needs and academic programs outcomes…ext.

-- Day 2 / 19 February 2017/ Conference Theme: Health, Safety and Environment practices.

An in-depth discussion on the best practices used in the health, safety and environment field in the Sultanate of Oman as well as the region. The discussion will further contribute to the creation of a proactive and dynamic safety culture in the workplace. The theme will also provide an excellent networking platform for promoting the latest developments in the field of health, safety and environment and its links to innovation.

-- Day 3 / 20 February 2017/ Conference Theme: Crisis Management Social Media content & IT Contingency Planning.

Every institution has a responsibility for effectively managing any crisis that might occur or affect it in unprecedented circumstances. Disasters or emergencies can happen suddenly, creating a situation in which normal operational and support services may become overwhelmed. Crises call for addressing the needs of emergency response operations and recovery management. Key topics that come under the Crisis Management Plan theme include:

1- Formulation of Crisis Management Strategy Including Social Media for Development of Crisis

2- Management Plan.

3- IT Disaster Management Planning.

4- Financial & Operational Risks Management.

5- Implementation of Crisis Management Plan

6- Business Continuity

7- Challenges and Lessons Learnt. 

The target audience of the conference will be industry practitioners from various industries from both government as well as private sector; academics from local, regional as well as some international universities. The conference will be delivered in English and Arabic languages via various presentations and panel discussions.

To download Risk Management Conference Announcement& themes please click: RMC 2018 PDF File