Our Department is committed to assist the University in identifying and managing the risks associated with carrying out the strategic objectives of the University and risks related to academic activities (e.g., teaching, research and student learning and experience).  

 The department will be responsible of the following:

  • Managing Academic and Corporate risks at both levels of Academic studies and postgraduate studies.
  • Develop standards to reduce risks in Academic and Strategic programs at the university.
  • Follow up the implementation of best practices related to students’ Academic and Strategic affairs.
  • Reporting on the implementation of SQU units of the procedures relevant to Academic and Corporate risks.
  • Contribute to identify risks related to Academic and Strategic programs proposed by the university and how to address them and avoid them
  • Participate in managing the activities of Academic and Corporate risks management.
  • Support university’s units to develop plans and procedures to reduce Academic and Corporate risks and how to deal with.
  • Raising annual reports about commitment of the university units in implementing the procedures of Academic and Corporate risks.
The Risk Management office in consultation with the Main Risk Committee led by the Vice Chancellor, prepares and maintains the Corporate Risk Register .The  Corporate Risk Register (CRR) is a document containing a detailed list of key risks faced by SQU together with control measures to mitigate each risk. it is periodically reviewed by Main Risk Committee. The CRR will be utilized, where appropriate, as a tool to inform decision making and assist in achieving the University’s strategic objectives.
The Academic Risk framework recognizes the existing culture and seeks to provide mechanisms to better manage academic risks and utilize emerging opportunities.