Be in

“Be In” initiative by RMO is designed to meet the objectives of integrating Risk Management processes, best practices and principles into the governance , plans, policies, values and culture of the units at SQU. The concerned staff (Deans, Directors, HODs, etc...) are kindly requested to participate in this initiative to achieve the SQU RM objectives and enjoy the following benefits:

1. Receiving support from RMO (advising, training, etc…) on risk management activities

2. Reducing the likelihood and impact of risks through adaptation of best practices and seizing the opportunities.

3. Optimizing resources and enhancing decision-making.

4. Enhancement of health and safety awareness.

5. Having a lead in adaptation of Risk Management processes and reviewing the risk profile.


“BE IN” Actions




Transportation Department

Risk Management system in Transportation Department

RMO conducted an assessment of Safety Procedures in Transportation Department

Investment Department

Food Safety

RMO developed Food Safety Procedures for SQU Food Moving Trucks

Financial Affairs Department

Identification of risks associated with Finance Dept.

RMO met with each section under Finance dept. to understand the nature of work and potential risks and delivered a presentation on the outcome and recommendations


For participation please fill in below details and email RMO at: . For more information call 24143051/24143053.

Unit Name

Nature of the Activity

Responsible Person

Contact Details (Phone& E-mail)