Together We Can

“Together We Can” is an initiative by RMO to benefit from the expertise available within SQU in order to preserve a safe and low risk environment within the University. Everyone at SQU is welcomed to share their contact information and work experience with our office on risk related fields for future consultation and collaboration. 


"Together We Can" CHAMPIONS




Dealing with Chemicals

College of Science

Dr. El Said El Shafey

Laboratory Safety

College pf science

Mr. Salem Al saidi

Laboratory Safety

College of Enginnering

Dr. Omar Houesh

First Aid

College of Nursing

Dr. Vidya Sesahn

Academic Integrity

College of Medicine& Health Science

Prf. Lamk Al Lamk  



Your cooperation is highly appreciated. If interested, please fill the below details and forward to RMO email: . For more information please call 24143501/24143053.




Risk Field