Individual Counseling

Many kinds of issues and concerns can best and most comfortably be dealt with by working with a counselor on an individual basis. Individual counseling is an opportunity to talk confidentially with a counselor about personal concerns and to facilitate personal growth and decision-making. The counselor and client work together to define and discuss personal issues and to reach mutually agreed upon goals. Sessions generally last 40 - 50 minutes one time per week. If needed, a referral to other service agencies will be made.

Group Counseling

Sometimes students and their counselor decide that group counseling is the best way to address their issues. This is often the case when students have questions about how they get along with others or if they are feeling lonely and isolated. At other times, students may experience unique difficulties that are best addressed with others who share those same concerns. It will be very helpful by giving and receiving feedback with the group members, and realizing that other students have the same concerns and to learn about how they coped with them.Group ranges in size from four to ten persons. Group counseling is also confidential, but you have to signe the contract of being a member in the group.

Counseling Out Reach Program

Because of the continence need for counseling. Out reach counseling Program has been developed. In this program the counselors move to students location to start development and prevention programs. The Counseling Out Reach Program was found to save time by talking to many student in the same time and it help to have student oriented with expected problems and concerns to be able to face it probably .

Career Counseling

It is the process of helping people to make their decision to select the career or job which match their interests and abilities their services is often through the following steps: 

  • Helping the individual to discover his career abilities and interests.
  • Helping the individual to understand the conditions and qualifications needed for jobs and career.
  • Matching abilities and interests with conditions and qualifications.
  • Follow-up individuals in the work sites after placement to solve work problems and helping them to adjust to their new life. 

Development guidance programs

The center has prepared and is implementing developmental guidance programs which include activities, lectures, workshops and training courses. These are designed to develop the abilities and potential of the students to their maximum range, through supporting the student with the knowledge, the necessary study skills, and the essential living skills in order to achieve balanced growth in all aspects: academic, personal, social or cultural.


Center counselors are available for consulting with students, staff, faculty, and other professionals. These consultations often focus on planning and present special programs, improving students’ environment, and other issues that may have important psychological dimensions.


The Center serves as a training facility for graduate students. Center staff supervises practicum Students in counseling psychology, Vocational Counseling, Rehabilitation counseling, and supervises practicum students and graduate interns in counseling psychology.


Personality, interests, and ability tests are administered as needed in conjunction with counseling services and workshops. Test results are intended to provide counselees with information about themselves.


Counselors are implementing studies on services offered, and related phenomenon.

Workshops & Training courses

Workshops on counseling and other related services are held on campus for students and staff.

Community Services

Orientation services and seminars are offered to local community through various media such as printed brochures, Guidebooks , Newspapers and Radio and T.V programs to familiarize people to counseling services, and to benefit them from these services.
The center prepares special programs, workshops, training courses, guidebooks, brochures and consultation services related to counseling in general and to human behavior in particular. Moreover the center develops assessment services designed to the needs of public sector as well as private sector.