What's happening now

Dear Student,

It’s finally the end of the semester! An opportunity to show off how much you have learned during the semester! This is a period when many students are experiencing various emotions. Some may be confused , others may be excited. If you are reading this then you may be looking for some tips to help you cope with this challenging time of the year.

Before the test:
1- Believe in yourself. ( don’t take it for granted, you have to really envision success)
2- Understand the material at hand.
3- Test yourself on the material. Pretend that you are the teacher and how would you evaluate yourself realistically, don’t be too hard nor too soft on yourself.
4- Eat well. Have a healthy breakfast ( Fruits, vegetables) (limit processed foods, and stimulants) consult your nutrition specialist.
5- Sleep well. Many students don’t get enough sleep during exams period and end up not performing well.
6- Exercise – enjoy the beautiful weather for about 20-30 minutes a day.
Remember that many times test anxiety will subside during the test.

During the test: An opportunity to find out how much information you have learned.

1- Believe in yourself! ( Envision success)
2- Read through the test paper carefully and budget your time.
3- Relax- take a few deep breaths and begin.
4- Use the memory dump- where you can put down information that you may need during the test.
5- Focus on the exam .
6- If you get stuck on a question – do not panic! Be patient and the answers will come back.
7- Do positive self talk – “ I am ok ! I’ll be fine! Etc.”
8- Do your best!

Ø Remember it is like a domino effect, answer one question and the rest will flow.
After the test-
1. Do not revise the test with anyone!
2. Move on to the next exam – follow the previous steps.
3. Reward yourself !

Buthaina Mohamed, Counselor, SCC.