Unit Services

CAARU’s analytical professionals ensure that all the analysis are carried out by strictly following with the international standards and delivers the data that is trusted and recognized by companies and Academic institutes. The unit is equipped with a wide range of high-end analytical instruments to cater different types of analysis. The unit has 3 departments namely Mass Spectrometry & Chromatography, Material Sciences, and Cellular & Molecular Biology. CAARU has a good team of qualified & experience professionals from different background to address the unique needs of the customer such as offer consultancy support, training, research and development services. As a commercial organization, we understand the importance of delivering results on time. Our Laboratory Quality System tracks all sample data from arrival through to reporting and archiving, and enables us to monitor our progress and deal with any queries effectively.

CAARU’s Services include:

  1. Geochemical analysis
  2. Chemical analysis
  3. Molecular Biological Analysis
  4. Microbial identification
  5. Research Assistance/Collaborations
  6. Consultations
  7. Tailor Made Training for various Analytical Instruments


  • Mineral study of Omani dates- Flame Photometer
  • Identification of  Azotobacter by DNA sequencing - Genetic Analyzer
  • Characterization of biopolymers and biosurfactants produced by bacteria and fungi - NMR
  • Morphology of nanoparticles like ZnO, ZnSnO3 and silver particles-SEM
  • Anion & Cation analysis of Aquaponics water-IC
  • Alcohol content in non-alcoholic beverages & energy drinks- GCFID
  • Volatile free acids in petroleum refinery waste water-GCFID
  • Molecular weight determination of beta-Cyclodextrin based  Inclusion Complexes-MALDI TOF
  • Pore size and morphology of water membranes-SEM
  • Anion & Cation analysis of oil field produced water-IC
  • Determination of Drug Residue in municipal waste water by LCMS 
  • SARA analysis of Crude Oil- NMR
  • Molecular weight determination of Enzymes-MALDI TOF
  • Heavy Metals bioaccumulation study in Goat Liver- ICPMS
  • Anion & Cation analysis of waste water, falaj water, deep well water- IC
  • Degradation of phenolic compounds by LCMS
  • Heavy metal analysis in turtle & turtle eggs-ICPMS
  • Structural Characterization of Sophorolipids - NMR
  • Styrene Monomer Content in Cured Plastic Board- GCFID
  • Characterization of Bacterial Produce-NMR
  • PAH study in plant leaf surface near oil processing area and SQU-LCMS
  • PHB production using paper hydrolysate-GCFID
  • Identification of  Bacillus cereus by DNA sequencing- Genetic Analyzer
  • Mapping in polished thin section sample of rock-SEM
  • Conformational changes of synthetic organic molecules- NMR
  • Anion & Cation analysis of agricultural soils-IC
  • Omani Well water quality & Heavy metal analysis- ICPMS & Flame photometer
  • Identification of  Pseudomonas  by DNA sequencing- Genetic Analyzer
  • Heavy Metals in Multivitamin Tablets-ICPMS
  • Sequencing of growth receptor hormone- MALDI-TOF
  • Bromide analysis in drinking water-IC
  • Caffeine content in beverages by LCMS
  • Activated Carbon sample-SEM 
  • Corrosion in steal samples-SEM
  • Molecular weight determination of natural products-MALDI TOF
  • Diffusion studies of beta-cyclodextrin based  Inclusion Complexes-NMR
  • Assessment of Phthalates in Indoor Dust in Muscat City, Oman by GCMS
  • Steroid analysis in turtle serum sample by LCMS
  • Crude Oil degradation study by GCMS
  • Morphology of biological samples like pollens, bacteria, diatoms, leave structure, insects and human hair structure-SEM
  • Identification of  Klebsiella pneumonia by DNA sequencing- Genetic Analyzer
  • Protein-ligand interaction (screening experiments)- NMR
  • Steroids analysis in herbal preparation and turtle by LCMS
  • Carbon steel fractures-SEM
  • Identification of  Bacillus species by DNA sequencing- Genetic Analyzer
  • Early Identification of Spermatogonia in pre-pubertal Arabian Gazelle - FACS
  • Analysis of Bovine Semen: A Qualitative Study -FACS
  • Analysis of Human Spermatozoa: a multiple case comparison -FACS
  • Qualitative Assessment of Endangered Arabian Tahr/Ibex (Hemitragus jayakari) Semen Using Bioxcell® And Triladyl® Extenders -FACS
  • Study of Solamargine triggers cellular necrosis selectively in different types of human melanoma cancer cells-FACS