Pre-major Advising

 Each pre-major advisor will be assigned a maximum of 25 students. 

 FP Students Course Registration

Based on the results of the FP Placement and Exit Tests, students in FP are registered in the following courses:

  • English levels 1-6
  • FPCS 0101 (PC and Software Packages) can be exempted by ICDL certification)
  • FPMT 0101 (Basic Mathematics)
  • FPMT 0105 (Mathematics for Science) for Science based students

Students who exit FP are eligible to register for Degree Credit Courses. 

Students in FP who have exited English, but who still have IT or MATH to be cleared can register for BIOL, ERSC courses or University requirements/electives.

 Choice of Major

  • The students can apply for a major online at the end of every semester, on satisfying the requirements.
  • To apply for major, 2011-2015 cohort students need LANC 2058 and 3 introductory science courses.

 Degree Plans (2010-2015 cohort students)

  • University requirements:  6 Cr.                University electives:   6 Cr.
  • College requirements:      3 Cr.               College electives :    16 Cr.
  • Total number of credits to graduate: 122 Cr.

 College Transfers

  • Students should complete FP Program before transferring to any College and should satisfy FP courses that are pre-requisites for degree courses.
  • Pass English Level 6 course to transfer to English Medium Program
  • Minimum credits required to transfer: 14 Cr.
  • Please view the following link from the Deanship of Admissions & Registration for more details: