Students Activities

The organization of Student’s Groups activities has a dual purpose; it stimulates the students to apply their knowledge outside their course work and presents to the community an image of the vibrant student’s life at SQU.

The aim of the of the Student’s Groups is to provide a forum where students with a common academic interest can meet an put their expertise, talents and enthusiasm to a good use to serve the community at SQU, in local schools and in the wider community. The Student’s Groups also participates and represents the university at national and international events.

There are two main events, which reflect students’ activities. The first is the Open Day for each department. In this event, each department organizes its own activities related to their field of study. The second one is the Science Festival where all students from different departments working together as one team in multi-disciplinary fashion and to display innovative ideas and projects. College of Science students effectively contribute as members of the SQU innovation society.


Election Plan

Election Form (President  & Deputies)

 Activity Proposal Form

Fees Payment Checklist

Activity Sponsorship Form

 Bills Auditing Form

Cash Receipt Form

Activity Attendee Form

Students Training

The College of Science strongly believes in the importance of providing students with related practical training. The Assistant Dean for Training and Community Services Office has been created to reflect the college interest in the students extra-curricular activities in general and training in particular. The college strives to achieve its own vision in this area by exploring and creating appropriate training opportunities for its students inside and outside the Sultanate with the following objectives: Provide students with the opportunity to practice the knowledge they get from their curriculum. Provide students with opportunity to gain/enhance their skills in related fields of their study. Improve student’s skills in areas such as communication, teamwork, etc. Establish contact between students and potential recruiters.

Training Requirements

Students must complete at least 80 credit hours

Students must have a GPA 2.0 or above in both required and optional training

Required training is offered only in summer

Students will be trained only once during their studies

Students enrolled in summer course are not allowed to undergo summer training

Read the College of Science application training guide 


You may download the Training Request Form 



Omani Young Water Researchers Award

Omani Young Water Researchers Award

On behalf of all students, faculty and staff of College of Science, we want to congratulate Mr. Faisal Al Marzouqi - 1st Place Winner (Post-graduate Category) and Ms. Mouza Al Ruqaishy - 1st Place Winner (Under Graduate Category) for receiving the Omani Young Water Researchers Award from the Middle East Desalination Research CenterWe congratulate them and wish them further exciting accomplishments as well as the joy that comes with such success.
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