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The Academic Promotion at the Sultan Qaboos University plays a key role in defining the requirements and level of competence of the faculty members. It is an important part of the Universities mission to evaluate the finest faculty members through their knowledge and experience before promoting them to a higher level. Hence, through the Universities continues attempt towards the development of the promotion system, we have finally established an Online Academic promotion system which accumulates all required data of applicants requesting promotion for the committee members to assess. This move helped reduce the time and effort spent in copying dossiers and other required material. All documents should be submitted through this system for the committee to analyze and evaluate sufficiently.   


Thus, applicants should note the following before commencing the process of their applications:


  1. Applicants should read the academic promotion regulations and other support material provided on the website prior to commencing their application process.
  2. All details submitted should be accurate and efficient and uploaded in the Academic Promotion Online System as per the required deadlines.




Academic Promotion Deadlines




Deadline Dates*

New Applicant - طلب جديد

· Submit application to the HoD

· Sept. (1-15)

DAPC - القسم

· Submit dossiers of recommended cases + the DAPC annual report to the CAPC

· Inform applicants not recommended

· Sept. 30

· Oct. 7

CAPC - الكلية

· Receive appeals against the DAPC

· Inform applicants/appellants not recommended after CAPC - Stage One Evaluation

· Submit dossiers of recommended applicants/appellants + the CAPC annual report to the UAPC

· Inform applicants/appellants not recommended after the CAPC Stage Two Evaluation

· Nov. 7

· Nov. 30

· Feb. 28

· Feb. 28

UAPC - اللجنة الرئيسية

· Receive appeals against decisions after CAPC Stage One Evaluation

· Receive appeals against decisions after CAPC Stage Two Evaluation

· Submit recommended applicants/appellants + the UAPC annual report to the AC

· Inform non-recommended applicants/appellants

· Dec. 30

· March. 30

· May. 15

· May. 22

APAC - التظلم

· Receive appeals against the UAPC

· Submit recommended appellants + the APAC annual report to the AC

· Inform non-recommended appellants

· June. 22

· Oct. 15

· Oct. 22

AC - المجلس الأكاديمي

· Take action on the report and recommendations of the UAPC.

· Take action on the report and recommendations of the APAC

· May. 15

· Oct. 15

VC - رئيس الجامعة

· Issue Qarars on promoted cases

· Issue Qarars on promoted cases after appeals

· Jun. 1

· Nov. 1

*If the deadline date falls on a weekend or official holiday, then the deadline would be on the following working day at 14:00 p.m. If the meeting of the AC is postponed, non-recommended applicants/appellants will be notified one week after the meeting.






Frequently Asked Questions & Information


  • How to I apply through the online system?

Applicants should login with their username and password to access the online system. There is also a video demonstrating the application procedure to assist you: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwegWmO9A0ewqKdImKgfkCw/videos


  • What do I do if I have any technical questions/support related to the online system?

If you have any technical problems or question related to the online system the applicant should contact the UAPC online system technical support:

Mr. Shahnawaz: Extension: 24143044 / Mobile: 98687954


  • What do I do if I have queries on my application?

For enquiries on the status of the candidate’s application you may contact the Academic Promotions Unit, Mr. Fahad Al-Wadhahi on 24141064.


  • Can I apply again even though my application is in the APAC?

Yes, candidates may apply once again for promotion while waiting for the decision of the APAC, hence if they are promoted, they can withdraw their application.


  • When can I appeal?

Candidates can only appeal once the applicants have received an automatic generated answer from the system stating they have been rejected for promotion as the system will not allow them to appeal till the applicants results are uploaded and saved.


         Fahad Al-Wadhahi

         Director, Vice Chancellor’s Office
         Tel: +968 24141064
         Fax: +968 24413254