Workshop: Trade, WTO, and Food Security

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Second MENA Trade Workshop




Trade, WTO, and Food Security

March 21-22 2016

Conference Room

 College of Agriculture and Marine Sciences


During the last food crisis (2007/2008and 2010/2011), global food prices spiked in unprecedented way and world food markets were disrupted in such a way that many countries, scholars,  and development institutions  questioned the reliance on trade and world markets to solve food security issues. The role of WTO and trade disciplines in the Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) were considered not flexible enough  to allow countries to pursue national policies designed to stabilize food prices and insure food security. In view of the above, the chair will organize a two-day workshop to discuss the linkage between trade, WTO and food security as well as other trade-related and food security issues. The workshop will feature an expert from the WTO secretariat who will deliver a keynote paper from the WTO standpoint and a scholar from the University of London, Dr Jane Harrigan  who published  a recent book on Arab food sovereignty. The Workshop will be an opportunity for interested academicians and practitioners from the region to present their findings and discuss food security in light of the challenges presented by limiting natural resources and international market instability. We particularly encourage submissions that highlight the following topics: 

1. Food security and the WTO DDA agenda

2. Food security and trade policies

3. Strategic food reserves

4. Supply chain and food import management (wheat and staple commodities)  

5. Food security and climate change

6. Managing food import risks (i.e future and options)

7. Regional food intra-trade

8.  Others related issues.



Houcine Boughanmi (chair)

Sabra Al Rujaibi

Elibel Covarrubias

Mohamed Al Rawahi

Amani Al Alawi

Ahmed Shammakhi

Slim Zekri

Hemesiri Kotagama

Omar Al Jabri



Houcine Boughanmi, WTO chair, Oman

Msafiri Mbaga, Associate Professor, SQU

Mustapha Saadni-Jallab, Institute of Training and Technical Cooperation, WTO

Alessandro Antimiani, Italian  Agricultural Economics Institute , Tome Italy

Workshop documents:

Workshop Booklet


Economics of Climate Change Adaptation in Sri Lanka: A Ricardian Analysis

Climate Change, Water and Food Security in the MENA Region: An Empirical Analysis

Impact of Food and Fuel Prices on Poverty in Food Import Dependent and Oil Exporting Economies:
The Case of Sultanate of Oman



Dr. Houcine Boughanmi

WTO Chair

Department of Natural Resource Economics

College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences

Sultan Qaboos University

PO Box 34, Al-Khod 123, Sultanate of Oman

E.mal: boughanh@squ.edu.om

Tel: + 968-2414 1218 / 968-24141244