Tuition Fees 

Tuition fees of Postgraduate Diploma, Masters and Doctoral Programs are to be paid every semester either by the student or by his/her sponsor.


Tuition Fees Payment Guidelines

Tuition Fees

Online Tuition Fees Payment Procedure

Postponement and Withdrawal from Studies


Postgraduate Studies Scholarships:

Postgraduate Studies Scholarships are available for candidates who are interested to apply through filling up the scholarship section in the Electronic Application Form and it is subjected to competition following the requirements shown in the deanship web page. 


1. Sultan Qaboos University Scholarships.

Sultan Qaboos University offers 105 scholarships (Full and Exemption from Tuition Fees) for both Omani and International Students distributed among Doctoral and Masters Programs.


Scholarship Numbers Per Colleges

Duties and Obligations


Suspension and Termination




2.  Ministry of Education Scholarships.

Sultan Qaboos University provide 25 Exemption from Tuition Fees Scholarships for the employees of Ministry of Education who are enrolled in the Masters programs of the College of Education. More…

3.  Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) Sponsorships.

PDO offers 5 full sponsorships for Omanis who are graduated from SQU and interested to enroll in the Master program of Oil and Natural Gas Engineering. More…

4.  Shell Chair Sponsorships.

Shell Chair offers two full sponsorships for Omanis who are interested to enroll in the Master program of Oil and Natural Gas Engineering and Master of Earth Sciences. Also, it offers two full sponsorships to Omanis to enroll in the Doctoral program of Petroleum Engineering – Chemical and Process Engineering – Earth Sciences. More…

5.  CGG Sponsorships

CGG Veritas for Services offers one Exemption from Tuition Fees sponsorship for Omanis who are interested to enroll in the Master's program of Petroleum Geosciences, College of Science.

6.  Research Grants

The Deanship of Research offers a number of research grants (Full, Allowance and Exemption from Tuition Fees) according to the funded projects from The Research Council or His Majesty grants. More…