About the Department

The Department of Conference Halls and Events Affairs was established with an approved organizational structure on 08 Nov 2010. It operates under the supervision of the Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administrative and Financial Affairs and is responsible for the following:

o  The Grand Hall of Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center.

o  Al-Faham Hall of Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center.

o  The Reception Hall of Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center.

o  Conference Hall.

o  Amphitheater.

o  Exhibition Hall.

o  Lecture Hall No. 1.

o  University Courtyard and Back Garden of Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center.

The Department is responsible for the following: The provision of a comfortable and integrated environment for running and management of events and other activities while creating a competitive environment for other specialized companies in order to extend the very best of event management services. It is SQU’s house of expertise and consultation in the organization and management of events. It also coordinates with the relevant parties to create sources of income to the University by marketing and renting out its facilities for interested entities outside the University. Additonally, the Department plays an important role in fostering the link between the University and the broader community through the provision of expertise, training opportunities, technological and technical solutions and venues for organizing high quality events.


To become the ideal destination for hosting and running of events in the Sultanate of Oman in 2020.


To be a pioneer in the organization and management of events through the provision of best event spaces, equipped with the latest technologies and competent staff.


Coordination and Follow up:

   The Coordination and Follow-up Section within the Department of Halls, Conferences and Event Affairs is a key section responsible for the follow up of administrative matters in the department including finance, procurements, receive and respond to correspondences from the University management and external agencies, coordination with internal and external entities, provision of stationary for staff, follow up on hall reservations in collaboration with the operation section, follow up maintenance and cleaning of the center and its facilities, maintain the files of correspondences, staff data and their respective correspondences.

The section aims to become a professional arm in customer service and access to technology to facilitate the administrative workload.

Operations and Activities:

It is one of the four key sections of the Department of Halls, Conferences and Event Affairs. The section provides services and consultations in the fields of sound systems, visual display and lighting equipment for the various events and University functions.

  The section is responsible for setting up and preparing the venues of the department including:

o  Grand Hall

o  Al-Faham Hall

o  Conference Hall

o  Lecture Hall No. 1

o  Amphitheater

o  Open courtyards around the building of Sultan Qaboos University Cultural Center

 The section provides the best of consultation services to customers within and outside the University. The section also can organize and coordinate meetings for clients at the event venue so as to explain to them the facilities available in each venue or hall and fix the timeframe for rehearsals prior to the event.

Marketing and Events Management:

 Marketing and Event Management Section is an important unit within the Department of Halls, Conferences and Event Affairs. It plays a supervisory role over the administrative and regulative aspect of events organized in the halls. This role complements the task of the operations section which provides technical and technological backup. The Marketing and Event Management Section commences its activities by briefings and short meetings with the organizers of events with participation of the operation section to familiarize event organizers with the services and facilities available to them. Additionally, it contributes immensely to the development of events by providing useful consultations and ideas offered by specialized professionals. The section serves as a link between event organizers and other service providers in the University. On the day of the event, the section works actively to address any challenges that may disrupt or hinder the smooth and proper organization of the event.

The section also provides, suing different communication messages, full information to customers about the halls, services and facilities available to ensure effective utilization of the same.

Technical Support:

The Technical Support Section is an auxiliary arm of the operation section. It provides all kinds of technical supports including installation, maintenance and repair of audiovisual equipment and tools used in the evens. The section further provides technical support for all events and celebrations held in the University including solutions for audio and lighting systems, programs and equipment through a special team of professionals. The section is tasked with the following key roles:

o  Provide technical support to event organizers.

o  Review tenders for the supply, installation and operation of equipment and accessories used in the various halls.

o  To plan for periodical and preventive maintenance of equipment, systems, implementation of the same and provision of technical support for such operations.

o  Follow up emergency defects, identify and resolve issues in the shortest time possible.

o  Minimize the time required for repair of defects and resolve problems in an effective and efficient manner.

o  Participate in formulating technical specifications for programs, equipment to be procured from vendors.

o  Receive and install new equipment and set up the same for commissioning and operation.

o  Estimate and identify the annual demand for equipment and other accessories.

o  Document repair and maintenance operations.

o  Identify the tools, needs of spare parts for the repair and maintenance of defective equipment.