Praise to Allah, Lord of the World, and Peace be Upon His Prophet Mohammed, His Ancestors and all Companions.

First of all, I would like to welcome students, staff and outside visitors to our newly designed website. I hope that this new website will serve your needs and meet your expectation and will help you to get the desire service easily. The Customer Services Department's website is characterized by ease of browsing and quick access to information and services.

In closing, I take the opportunity to express thanks and appreciation to all those who took part in the preparation of this excellent website. Surely, Allah is the source of success.

  • about us
  • Quality Standards:
  • Target Audiance:


Pioneer in providing a higher education services in the Sultanate.



The learning environment and the student come first. 




 - Excellency in providing  a quality services to all customers.


- Provide effective communication channels to facilitate and streamline the procedures.

- Resolve challenges facing customers  with SQU’s regulations.

 - Solving customers issues related to other departments.

- Honesty.

- Faithful.

- Professional achievement.

- Positive collaboration.

- Keeping customer issues confidential and private.

Receiving all customers requests for the cases that fulfill the requirements through official channels which comes below the classification grievance, requests and exception.


Target audience are:

- SQU students.

- SQU employees.

- Parents.

- SQU Visitors.

- Companies.

- Customers from outside SQU.