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Message from the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Postgraduate Studies and Research


Welcome to the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies at Sultan Qaboos University.


Realizing the importance of postgraduate study for building a research culture and developing skills required for Oman's rapid development, the University has been offering master's programs since 1992.

A key recent development is the creation of doctoral programs in the four science-based colleges and the College Education and College of Arts and Social Sciences. A total of 34 doctoral programs are currently offered in six colleges. These programs rest on a strong research base, which emphasizes academic excellence and addresses issues of national strategic importance.


A master's degree may be obtained by course work, thesis, a combination of coursework and a thesis, or a combination of coursework and a comprehensive examination. We currently have over 1260students enrolled in 62 Master's programs covering medicine, engineering, science, agriculture, the environment, marine science, commerce, economics, education, information technology, and the humanities and social sciences. Postgraduate diplomas are awarded to students who satisfy certain coursework requirements only.


The doctoral degree is obtained by a thesis arising from original research; but candidates may also be required to take one or more graduate courses to obtain sufficient background in their areas of specialization. We currently have close to 150 doctoral students enrolled in our colleges.


I hope that you will find our website informative and useful.


Dr. Rahma Ibrahim Said 


Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies and Research

Sultan Qaboos University

P.O. Box 17 Al-Khoud, 123, Sultanate of Oman

Tel: 968-2414-2111,

Fax: 968-244-13122,

Email: mrahma@squ.edu.om

Message from the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies

The Deanship of Postgraduate Studies (DPS) has overall responsibility for the administration of postgraduate doctoral, master's and diploma programs at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU). The DPS constantly strives to ensure that all postgraduate students receive a high quality experience and world class education during their time at SQU.

In recent years, the number of postgraduate programs available at SQU has expanded significantly.

Currently, the University offers a range of doctoral programs covering 35 specializations from six colleges: Science, Engineering, Agricultural & Marine Sciences, Medicine & Health Sciences, Education and Arts and Social Studies. These programs are research-based with a limited coursework option available in some colleges. In 2018, a total of 237 students were pursuing doctoral degrees at SQU.

Masters programs have been running at SQU since the early 1990s, and the University currently offers a total of 66 different Masters programs across nine colleges. These programs are available in four formats: thesis only; coursework/thesis, coursework only, and coursework/examination. Currently, more than 1458 Master students are enrolled at SQU.

Our postgraduate programs are designed to build the national capacity of Oman and help drive growth in all sectors of the economy. In order to help ensure that this goal can be effectively achieved, SQU has clearly defined generic graduate attributes and program outcomes, which are aligned with the Oman Qualifications Framework, the needs of stakeholders in Oman, and international best practice in the relevant field of study.

All new or restructured postgraduate programs are endorsed by prospective employers as well as subject area specialists, and rigorous policies and practices are in place to ensure continued high standards are met in all these programs.

The University has clearly defined the student attributes and learning outcomes required from its postgraduates, which have been formalized in a Postgraduate Student Attributes document implemented in 2016. All colleges are required to incorporate these attributes in postgraduate teaching and research. We have stringent regulations, policies and procedures in place to ensure that high standards of postgraduate student supervision and teaching are in place across all our colleges and programs.

In order to maintain high standards of postgraduate study at SQU, our postgraduate programs are open only to applicants who have a strong academic record, proficiency in the language of instruction, and clear potential for advanced study.

SQU welcomes qualified students from around the world to its postgraduate programs, and we have a large and diverse body of international students. All postgraduate students from outside Oman are encouraged to take full advantage not only of the excellent facilities and education offered by the University, but also to explore the beautiful country of Oman, learn about our fascinating culture and rich heritage and mix with our Omani students. Arriving in a new country for the first time can be a daunting experience, however, and SQU provides a great deal of support to help you settle in, including assistance with accommodation and transportation, induction tours and social events and activities.

The Deanship of Postgraduate Studies has three main roles:

  • To ensure that postgraduate academic regulations are fully met
  • To ensure that SQU graduates high quality, well qualified students
  • To meet the needs of Omani and international students for high quality learning

In order to help the DPS implement its roles, each college has its own Postgraduate Studies Committee (PSC).

A wide range of responsibilities are involved in fulfilling the roles of the DPS. These include making a range of scholarships available for postgraduate study; marketing SQU’s postgraduate programs in a diverse range of formats; developing and implementing research skills workshops for students and academic faculty, and overseeing the defense\examination of theses.

In particular, the DPS helps ensure that the University provides postgraduate students with appropriate facilities, resources and support to enable them to achieve their academic goals. These include excellent library and study spaces, world-class information technology resources, and a variety of workshops and seminars to assist in the development of the university’s defined postgraduate attributes.

The overall purpose of the Dean of Postgraduate Studies is to serve each of our Colleges and their postgraduate students to the best of our ability, and we trust that you will find the content of our website useful.


Dr. Mohammed Nasser Al Saqri

 Dean of Postgraduate Studies

Sultan Qaboos University

P.O. Box 17 Al-Khoud, 123, Sultanate of Oman

Tel: 968-2414-5900,

Fax: 968-244-13122,