Tasks of Academic Affairs Department


  • Implement the Postgraduate Academic Regulation regarding the postgraduate academic affairs students (withdrawal, extension, under probation, the requirements for the seminars, thesis defense, and graduation).
  • Activate the Deanship's objectives related to academic affairs.
  • Follow up with the students’ progress based on the postgraduate Academic Regulations.
  • Follow-up the procedures forming thesis examination committees and the comprehensive examination for postgraduate students in coordination with colleges.
  • Prepare and organize skills development programs for postgraduate students at the University.
  • Organize and save the postgraduate students’ documents.
  • Enter and update the academic information in the Postgraduate Academic System (PAS).
  • Issue transcripts and degree completion.
  • Organize the Orientation Day for newly admitted postgraduate student.
  • Prepare periodic reports on withdrawal, postponement, extension, under probation and progress reports.
  • Issue official letters regarding the enrollment students of the University.
  • Any other tasks assigned to the Department by the Dean.

Registration Section

  • Prepare the quarterly plan for the registration deadlines and procedures of postgraduate courses.
  • Follow up the electronic registration of postgraduate students in coordination with colleges.
  • Complete the of registration and withdrawal procedures.
  • Follow-up the academic achievement of postgraduate students with colleges
  • Issue official letters relating to the enrollment status of postgraduate students at the University.
  • Prepare periodic reports an extension, under probation and progress reports.
  • Follow up the academic affairs of postgraduate students with their funding bodies.
  • Follow-up the progress of visiting students in coordination with the Office of International Cooperation.
  • Follow up the process of entering the grades and their amend nets them in the Postgraduate Academic System (PAS).
  • Feed the Student Information System (SIS) constraints concerning registration per semester.
  • Prepare a report on registration, postponement and withdrawal rates.

Graduation Section

  • Ensure that students meet all graduation requirements.
  • Follow-up the procedures for forming thesis examination of committees and comprehensive examination of postgraduate students in coordination with colleges.
  • Ensure that the master's and doctorate thesis comply with the general format and the specifications of thesis writings.
  • Complete the procedures for graduation for postgraduate students.
  • Issue transcripts, degree completion forms and official graduation certificates.
  • Participate in organizing the graduation ceremony for postgraduate students.
  • Provide the postgraduate language students with documents related to their study at University in both Arabic and English.
  • Certify degrees, and masters and doctoral theses.
  • Provide the local and international educational institutions with the required documents if the postgraduate student wishes to further education there.
  • Cover the research projects of postgraduate students in their ration fields in the disciplines in the University publications and local and foreign newspapers.
  • Organize meetings and events in areas of interest and send invitations for graduating students to attend.

Students' Records Section

  • Organize and save the folders of postgraduate students.
  • Receive and store the students' documents in their respective folder.
  • Keep students' documents in the electronic archiving system.
  • Provide the authorized individuals with the documents related to students

Skills Development Section

  • Coordinate with concerned parties inside and outside the University to prepare programs to enhance the skills of postgraduate students.
  • Administer of programs to develop the skills of postgraduate students.
  • Develop skills development programs by incorporating comments made by the lecturers and participants in these programs.
  • Provide support tools for skills development programs.
  • Enter and update information of the skills programs and lecturers in the electronic system.
  • Coordinate with the relevant bodies about introducing the skills programs for Postgraduate students from outside the University.