Task of Postgraduate Admission Department


  • Follow up the implementation of the University laws and regulations concerning Postgraduate admission.
  • Advertise postgraduate programs in coordination with colleges.
  • Carry out the admission procedures of postgraduate students in accordance with the governing regulations.
  • Notify applicants about admission results.
  • Guide newly admitted students and orient them about the rules and regulations.
  • Market postgraduate programs locally and internationally in coordination with the concerned bodies at the university.
  • Enter the information about o postgraduate programs and study plans in the Student Information System, (SIS).
  • Prepare reports and data on postgraduate admission at the University.
  • Any other tasks assigned to the department by the Dean.

Admission Section

  • Communicate with colleges to determine the offered programs and their admission procedures.
  • Accept applications for postgraduate programs.
  • Ensure applicants meet all admission requirements.
  • Do degree equivalency to applicants.
  • Enter the applicant’s data in the Student Information System (SIS).
  • Notify applicants about acceptance results.
  • Follow up the accepted students’ progress in bridging courses.
  • Distribute the postgraduate students’ cards.
  • Register and follow-up of the progress of postgraduate student in the bridging courses and English language programs.

Statistics and Academic Information Section

  • Ensure that new postgraduate programs comply with the Postgraduate Academic Regulation.
  • Enter and update the data of the postgraduate programs and their study plans in the Student Information System (SIS).
  • Prepare and provide statistical reports on Postgraduate Studies at the University.
  • Provide statistics related postgraduate students to the National Center of Statistical and Information program.

Marketing Postgraduate Programs Section

  • Market postgraduate programs via various means locally and internationally in collaboration with the concerned bodies at the University.
  • Prepare the brochures and leaflets for Postgraduate Studies.           
  • Prepare and distribute the notices concerns advertisements postgraduate studies.
  • Coordinate with the concerned bodies to cover the news of postgraduate studies.