Admission Procedures

Process of application:

• Applications for all programs are submitted through our online system at according to the relevant conditions.

• Applications are sent to colleges for assessment as they deem appropriate and as announced

• Relevant departments communicate with applicants to determine the date and place for their written test and interview.

• Admission results are sent to the DPS.

• The Deanship informs applicants of their admission results by text messages. Admission letters can then be collected from the DPS.


• The admission letter determines the type of admission and the conditions attached, the date of registration, the start date of the study, and the last date to meet the admission requirements.

• If the applicant cannot meet the conditions specified in the admission letter within the specified date, his or her admission will be canceled unless another admission letter is issued. However, admission cannot be extended for more than two semesters.

• The academic year begins in September each year.