Conference Support for PhD Students

Financial support provided for presentation in a scientific conference is only for PhD students. It covers allowances & ticket.

General Conditions:

  • The conference objectives must be directly linked to the student’s thesis proposal.
  • The student must submit a scientific paper in which he/she is the Principal Investigator or Author to the conference attended.
  • The student must complete two years of study (4 semesters).
  • Only one financial conference support is allowed throughout the PhD study duration.
  • The amount of money allocated to attend a conference in the is (400 R.O.), plus an economy class ticket that doesn’t exceed (600 R.O., non-refundable).


  • Fill out Conference form (Supervisor).
  • Approve Request (Head of Department).
  • Sign Request (Assistant Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research).
  • Study the Request and make recommendations (Dean of Postgraduate Studies).
  • Final Approval of Request (DVC-PSR).
  • Inform concerned College about the approval (Deanship of Postgraduate Studies).
  • Notify both Financial Affairs & Procurement departments to release approved allowance & ticket (Deanship of Postgraduate Studies).




  • Period (15 January - 30 November) of each Financial year: Opening of applications for participation in conferences
  • Period (1 December to 14 January) of each Financial year: the closing period for receiving applications for participation in conferences
  • It is need to submit the application and ensure that it reaches the Deanship two weeks before the conference.
  • Once the application has been approved, the applicant must follow up with the Department of Finance and the Procurement Department
  • After participating in the conference, the student must submit the report of participation in the conference to the Department of Scholarships and Financial Support (form)



Conference Participation form – PhD students

Conference Participation Report  - students PhD