Inside Sultan Qaboos University

Buses are available for free inside the university campus. They are painted in red and green according to their route of stations around the campus. There are buses for male and female students. Buses run on a daily basis during weekdays from 7:20am till 4:30pm using buses operated by Oman National Transport Company and from 4:30pm till 7:00pm using SQU transport.


Outside Sultan Qaboos University

A student’s budget for transportation may depend on how far he/she lives from the University. If a student is living in Al-Khoud - the nearest place to SQU - the fare will range from 300 - 500 baisa only. Taxi is considered the most common way of public transportation in Oman. Licensed taxi are painted in orange and white and do not use a meter. There is also another way of public transport known as Mwasalat, which commute daily between Al Khodh and SQU. The fare for a single ride is 200 baisa.