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Master of Science in Nursing (Thesis)

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Master of Science in Nursing (Thesis)




Program Type


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1 Years 

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Program Coordinator

Name: Dr. Eilean Lazarus Rathinasamy


Tel:     +968 24145425

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Program Overview



The Master of Science in Nursing is a one-year full-time program. The program is designed to prepare graduates who have a Bachelor Degree in Nursing or Midwifery and a Postgraduate Diploma in a Nursing or Midwifery to produce a thesis. The thesis represents a summation of the student’s total research efforts and contributes to the existing body of knowledge of the nursing field. The program consists of two audited courses (Advanced Nursing Research Process and Evidence Based Practice - and Advanced Biostatistics & Epidemiology) and the master’s thesis with zero credit. 


Admission Requirement 

In order to be admitted to the MSc Nursing program, the candidates shall be required to fulfil the following terms and conditions:


a) Have a Bachelor Degree in Nursing or Midwifery and other related-specialties from a recognized institution with: 

  • A minimum cGPA of 2.75 on a 4-point scale or its equivalent or
  •  A minimum cumulative GPA ranging between 2.50 and 2.74 on a 4-point scale or its equivalent with minimum of two years’ work experience.


b) Have a Postgraduate Diploma in a Nursing, Midwifery, or other related-specialties with a minimum cGPA of 3.00 on a 4-point scale.

c) A minimum of three years of work experience after receiving the postgraduate diploma. d) Submit a recommendation letter from the institution for the employed applicant.

e) Submit a proposal explaining the desired topic for their thesis work.

Proposal Outline for MSN by Thesis Application

Submit a proposal of about 1500 words that explains your plans for the Master’s Thesis. The proposal must be typed (Times New Roman, Font 12, Double Spaced) and must clearly address each of the five (5) sections indicated below:

A) Proposed Title for the Study.

B) Background: Provide a general explanation of the problem/phenomena you intend to study, its magnitude and the consequences of the problem being examined in terms of death, disability, effectiveness, cost-effectiveness of interventions, etc. Provide quantified data when available. Explain how this problem affects the country, region and global health.

C) Research Questions/Objectives: State at least four (4) specific objectives or research questions that your study will be addressing.

D) Expected benefit: Describe the expected output and outcomes that this study will generate.

E) Proposed Methods:

  • Study Design: Describe the type of study design.
  • Study Population and Sampling: Specify the population in which you will undertake the study.
  • Data Collection and Protection of Human Subjects: Explain shortly how you will collect the data and ensure protection of human subjects.

English Proficiency

Submit certification showing achievement of Band (6) in IELTS Academic English proficiency test Score or (79) in the TOEFL-IBT.

Selection Criteria


The applicants are evaluated based on their performance in the interview and other items determined by the College according to the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies system. Depending on their total score, a number of candidates are chosen according to the available seats, and their admission to the program is conditional upon completion of all requirements. A waiting list is prepared for other applicants to be selected in the event that additional seats are available. Applicants are notified in writing of the admission results by the Deanship of Postgraduate Studies.