As an SQU alumnus/ alumna, you are entitled to a number of benefits and services from the university. Explore what is available for you and make sure to take advantage of the services.

  • Career Guidance Services
  • Main Library Services
  • Professional Development Courses
  • Attend an Event
  • Enhance your Employability
  • Graduates Data Policy
  • Replacement of Academic Transcripts
  • Graduation Ceremonies Videos

At every stage in your career, the Center for Career Guidance (CCG) is committed to help you get on your path to success.


CCG services are especially offered to SQU students and alumni. In just a few sessions, identify your strengths and weaknesses and get assistance with job  search.


(Click here) to learn more about the services provided by (CCG).

The main library at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) is one of the leading libraries in the Sultanate of Oman. When you get enrolled at SQU, you get the chance to benefit from the main library services, but do you think this privilege ends once you graduate?  Absolutely No!


You can visit the main library at SQU even after you graduate and enjoy free services especially offered to SQU alumni, such as providing temporary access for 24 hours to the E-resources at the main library. This service can be only offered when being in the main library. Ask  for a username andpassword at the reception officeand make  use of the free access to the E-resources.   


Although borrowing books service is not available yet for SQU alumni, you still have the chance to enjoy reading a wide range of books in the main library.


The main library at SQU aims at developing the habit of reading in the Omani society. Its role is not only limited to serving SQU students, but it extends to reach the community. You, as a member in the Omani society, have the chance to visit the main library, but you as an SQU alumnus/ alumna, have special free services offered only for you.


Visit the main library or contact Tel. 24145609 – 24145601, email: to discover what privileges you have as an SQU alumnus/ alumna. 

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Connect with your former classmates, network with other alumni, join international conferences and webinars — these are some reasons for you as an SQU alumnus/ alumna to keep an eye on the events organized by SQU.


The Alumni Affairs Section at CCG invites SQU alumni to attend various events organized by SQU to maintain the connection between SQU and its alumni even after graduation.


Check your email inbox and SQU news periodically to see if there are any announcements of events that are going to take place soon. 


To get more updates, register in the alumni portal. Please reach us at 24145980 -24145990 or with any questions or concerns.

Are you a fresh-graduate of Sultan Qaboos University? Do you want to reduce the time spent on job search? Have a look at the following services that SQU provides:


The Center for Career Guidance (CCG) at SQU is there to help you shorten the way to your dream jog by nominating SQU graduates for various job opportunities. Once CCG receives training and employment requests, the Alumni Affairs Section sends graduates data to the institutions that requested the data. Graduates data include the name, major, cumulative GPA, and contact information of the graduates.


Nominating fresh-graduates for different job opportunities facilitates the way for SQU graduates to enter the job market.


Make sure that your contact details are up to date in order to benefit from this service.

Issuing Training Request Letters for Alumni


CCG issues training request letters to help SQU alumni get work experience from the institution they wish to work in. Before asking for a training request letter, you must:


1) Find yourself a training opportunity at a private or public institution

2) Inquire about the possibility of accepting you as a trainee in that institution

3) Prepare the form specified for training


When asking for a training request letter, you have to:


  1. Bring a hard-copy of the graduation notification
  2. Ensure the approval of the institution at which you want to be trained
  3. Fill out the Arabic version of the form if it’s a public institution
  4. Fill out the English version of the form if it’s a private institution
  5. Submit the form to the Alumni Affairs Section at CCG


 (Application Form for Training Request Letter)

The Center for Career Guidance (CCG) is responsible and authorized by SQU administration to supply job sectors inside and outside Oman with SQU graduates’ data for the purpose of training and employment.


In case you do not want the Alumni Affairs Section to send your data to job sectors, please contact the Alumni Affairs Section to remove your data.


Feel free to contact us by calling 24145980 -24145990 or sending an email to


You can also visit us in the Alumni Affairs Section at (CCG), Annex of Administration Building, Ground Floor


During work hours:

Sunday - Thursday: 7:30 AM - 2:30PM

After registering in the Alumni Portal, you can have a soft copy of your academic transcript. The copy you will get is unofficial because it is not certified by the Deanship of Admissions and Registration at SQU, but it gives you a chance to review your grades and the courses you have taken in the past.


You can order duplicate transcripts and replacement degree certificates from the Deanship of Admissions and Registration at SQU. Please contact the Deanship of Admissions and Registration/ Alumni Section, Tel: 24143885 /24142094 /24142084 /24141819, email: if you have any queries about replacements of any academic documents.





الدفعه الثانية


الدفعة الثالثة


الدفعة الرابعة


الدفعة الخامسة


الدفعة السادسة


الدفعة السابعة


الدفعة الثامنة


الدفعة التاسعة


الدفعة العاشرة


الدفعة الحادية عشر


الدفعة الثانية عشر


الدفعة الثالثة عشر


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الدفعة الثامنة عشر (الكليات الانسانية)


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الدفعة الثانية والعشرون(الكليات الانسانية)


الدفعة الثالثة والعشرون(الكليات الانسانية)


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الدفعة الثانية والثلاثون (الحفل الاول)


الدفعة الثانية والثلاثون (الحفل الثاني)





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