• Memberships Rules
  • House Rules
  • Memberships Fees

Full Membership


SQU & SQUH staff who have a financial grade between 1 and 11 are only able to register in Staff Club.

The applicants must provide a copy of their SQU ID cards, one personal photo along with filling the necessary personal information.

For family membership, one family group photo (parents and children) should be provided, and one separate photo for each child above 12 years old.

Staff of the University or Hospital who are eligible to join the Staff Club, but choose not to, are not allowed to enter the club as guests/visitors at any time.

Members are able to have their helpers in Staff Club for free, only for supervising the children. The Helper is not considered a member and is not entitled to use any of the Club’s facilities.

Monthly Visitor Membership


Temporary memberships are sold on a monthly basis to full members of the Staff Club for their guests/visitors and visiting family staying in their house while on a visit to Oman and are not residing in the Sultanate of Oman and where Sultan Qaboos University has sponsored their visit.

Staff Club members are not permitted to purchase temporary membership for visiting family or guests/visitors of colleagues who are not members.

Staff Club members requesting monthly temporary membership for their guests/visitors must provide a photocopy of the SQU sponsored visa, a photo and fill the nessecary information.

No monthly memberships will be issued without SQU visa and no other visas will be honored for the purpose of obtaining temporary membership. Any requests for exceptions must be made in writing to the Chairman or Vice-Chairman.

Daily Coupons


Only adults (above 18 years) members can purchase daily coupons.

If daily coupons are purchased for guests/visitors, Staff Club members must remain with their guests/visitors while they are at the Staff Club premises.

An adult member may introduce no more than four guests into the Staff Club at one time.

General rules:


  1. Members must carry their membership cards each time they visit the club.

  2. Membership cards should be presented whenever it is asked for.

  3. Children under the age of 12 can only be brought into the Club premises by an adult member or helper who must remain with them.

Entrance of the club:


The corridor is strictly for access only to the Staff Club or restaurant and must not be used as a waiting area. For safety reasons, children and teenagers must not use the corridor as a meeting place or play area.



  1. The lounge is strictly for members only and is intended as a quiet meeting place for rest, reading and relaxation.

  2. Food is not allowed in this area.

  3. Playing and yelling is not allowed in this area to avoid disturbing the members.

Sports fields (Football, Basketball, Badminton, Squash, Table Tennis & Tennis):


  1. These fields are to be used only for the sports that are designated for.

  2. Members wishing to get Squash, Tennis, badminton or lockers keys should leave their membership cards in the reception desk, and return the key once they finish immediately as another member might be waiting for it.

  3. Food is not allowed in these fields.

Swimming pool area:


  1. All members must shower before entering the pool.

  2. Babies must have their diapers removed before entering the pool.

  3. Babies, children and adults must always wear proper fitting swimsuits. Women must wear a modest one-piece swimsuit. (Two-piece swimsuits are not allowed)

  4. Normal outdoor clothing, such as a T-Shirt is not permitted in the water, even as a swimsuit cover.

  5. Children under 12 must be closely supervised at poolside by an adult member. Junior members must not supervise children under the age of 12.

  6. Parents are fully responsible for their children’s behavior.

  7. Parents must restrain their children from excessive noise and running around the pool area.

  8. Absolutely no drinking or eating allowed in the pool.

  9. Life saving equipment, including the rings and vests, are for Emergency use only and must not be used by children for recreation.

  10. No throwing of toys and balls in the water.



  1. Children under 18 are not allowed to enter the gym even with their parents.

  2. Members must wear appropriate sportswear when using the gym.

  3. Food is not allowed in the gym.

  4. Loud music and screaming are not allowed in the gym.

  5. Users must have a towel to wipe sweat from Gym equipment after use.



Smoking is prohibited all over the staff club.

Food & Drinks:


  1. Food & drinks are allowed in the poolside area.

It is prohibited to use any kind of glass containers throughout the staff club.

 Annual Membership


Single                                                                    RO. 36

Family                                                                   RO. 60*

Single Family (One parent + children)                  RO. 42*

Couple                                                                  RO. 52

Junior (Between 13 & 17 years)                           RO. 9.6

Adult (Between 18 & 24 years)                             R.O. 18 


Monthly Visitors’ Passes


Single (above 18 years)                                        RO.   5

Couple                                                                  RO.   8

Family                                                                   RO.  10

Junior (Between 13 & 17 years)                            RO.   2


Daily Guests


Adult (Above 12 years)                                         RO.  1.2

Children (Under 12 Years)                                    RO.  0.6



Added a fee of RO. 9.600 for a Junior Card for each child between 13 & 17 years and a fee of RO. 18 for each child between 18 & 24 years, and a fee of RO. 36 for ages more than 25.

Memberships issued in 2019 are valid untill 31 September 2019.

  • Kids Only Activities
  • Adults & Kids Activities
  • Adults Only Activities
  • Ladies Only Activities

Football Class for kids

Basketball Class for kids

Quran Class

Karate Class

Taekwondo Class

Swimming Class

Piano Class

Violin Class

Guitar Class

Tennis Class

Cello Class

Oud Class

Gym Trainer


Arabic Class

Swimming Class

Music Classes




Note that these activities are subject to change, for more information about the timing, kindly contact the administration.