Privacy Policy
  • The electronic payment period is specified in the course registration announcement for the semester. In case of non-payment with the specified period:
    • Cohort before 2018, the student is prohibited from completing any academic procedure until full fees are paid.
    • Cohort 2018 and beyond, students will be considered to have unofficially withdrawn from the university and their enrollment will be terminated in case of fail to pay tuition fees.
  • Students receiving funding from external sponsors must submit a letter of funding from the sponsor to the Section of Tuition Fees in order to finalize their procedures in the electronic system.
  • After confirming the completion of the withdrawal of the amount from the student’s account and not updating the payment in the student information system, please refer to the section to verify the update of the data.
  • Refund procedures for eligible students (Postponed/withdrawn/drop course) will be made after the end of drop with W period.