Postgraduate Studies Programs


PhD in Information Systems 



Economics and Political Sciences

Program Type

Research Based

Study Mode



4 years 

Instruction Language


Program Coordinator

Name: Dr. Aqdas Malik 


Tel:      +968 24141976

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Program Overview


The purpose of the Ph.D. program is to prepare next generation academics, researchers, business leaders, and policy makers who will be empowered with the latest knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to support the advancement of business knowledge, practice and research endeavours in Oman, in the region, and worldwide.

The program will admit students with Master Degrees in Information Systems or related areas. The admission screening procedures will include English proficiency tests, a departmental interview, evaluation of the applicant’s proposal, his/her statement of purpose and other applicable procedures as defined by SQU’s policy 2018. The Ph.D. program will be 100% research based and the official study duration to earn a doctoral degree is up to 4 years’ full time and 6 years’ part time. Upon completion of the requirements set forth in SQU Policy 2018, the student will be awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems.


Admission Requirements

  • Applicants should have a Bachelor and a Master’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field, from Sultan Qaboos University or equivalent from a recognized university.
  • A master cumulative Grade Point Average of not less than 3.00 on a 4-point scale or equivalent in any other system and the Deanship of Postgraduate studies makes the assessment for equivalency acceptance
  • A master cumulative GPA ranging between 2.75 and 2.99 on a 4-point scale or its equivalent, taking into account the applicant’s work experience (not less than 2 years following completion of an undergraduate degree) and any academic activities they are engaged in.
  • A Resume that shows the candidate’s qualifications, research experience, work experience, research publications, skills, awards and honours received, and any other extracurricular activities

  • Two letters of reference from academics, to show competence in the discipline of interest and research capabilities.

  • A research proposal that demonstrates the candidate’s background knowledge in the topic, the research methodology and proposed research plan.

  • Applicant must submit a release letter or a study leave from employer, addressed to the dean of postgraduate studies at SQU. Un-employed applicant needs to submit a statement from The Ministry of Labour  documenting the unemployment status of the applicant.

English Proficiency


  • Submitting band (6.5) or higher in academic International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic or a score of (90) or higher in the International TOEFL – IBT


  • Submitting band (6.0) in the academic IELTS test or (79) in the international TOEFL test, provided that they register for the language course LANC6001(after being admitted) during the first semester. 


  • Submitting band (5.5) in the academic IELTS test or (69) in the international TOEFL test, provided that they register for the two language courses LANC6001 and LANC6003 (after being admitted) during the first semester.


Selection Criteria There will be a personal interview for local applicants and a phone/video interview can be arranged for international applicants who are unable to attend the interview physically.