About the Student Counseling Center

Believing in the importance of the counseling and psychological counseling role in the life of a university student, the Student Counseling Center at Sultan Qaboos University was found in 1999. the aim of the center is providing counseling, academic, educational, psychological, social and cultural services enclosed in a future vision that includes the university’s employees, their families and community members. The Counseling Center is integrated and interconnected with the community, which supports the scientific excellence of the student, nurtures its creative talents and strives relentlessly to create a constructive compatibility between the academically faltering students and the innovative university environment in order to reach the desired success and excellence.

Since founding, the Student Counseling Center at Sultan Qaboos University was keen to be an active member in the regional and international institutions concerned with counseling, as it joined as a member of the International Association of Counseling and Guidance Centers. The center provides its counseling services in accordance with internationally approved technical and ethical standards, as the center approved the Cod of Ethics accredited by the University, which is consistent with the global Code of Ethics in performing its counseling function.

The center provides opportunities for students to help them understand themselves and discover their abilities and personal inclinations. In addition, the counselors aim at helping the counselees according to the best methods and new experiences in the field of counseling and guidance. Also, the center  works to apply the latest psychological tests and measures that are shared with the most famous and prestigious International and Arab institutions to be reviewed and updated.

The center includes a group of highly qualified consultants, specialists and counselors with high efficiency and long experience in the field of psychological counseling.



The Students' Counseling Centre works to achieve excellence in all aspects that are related to the university life and the local community, specifically in services, consultancy, training and research in the field of counseling. In addition, the Student Counseling Center works to maintain leadership in quality services and to enhance the culture of help-seeking behavior for psychological services according to the agreement of ethical principles and international standards of the counseling career.


Our Aims

  • Increasing awareness among students and fostering a connection between them and the services offered by the center.
  • Helping students to adjust and adapt to the university requirements through development, protection and training counseling programs.
  • Enriching students’ educational experience by supporting their personal growth and their self-understanding, so that they are more conscious about their identity, characteristics, and abilities. As a result, they are better at facing life’s demands.
  • Developing the student's personality through individual and group counseling programs.
  • Supporting students’ positive personalities through individual and group counseling programs.
  • Supporting students to deal with the challenges they encounter.
  • Providing training workshops to the students to help them make their studies and social life successful.
  • Strengthening cooperation with the university and the community units in terms of counseling and psychological health.
  • Proffering consultancy to students and teaching and administrative staff at the university and the local community.
  • Conducting studies and research, both theoretical and applied, to serve the university and the local community.
  • Participating in serving and developing the local community through a number of individualized counseling sessions and training workshops and courses.
  • Supervision of field training for graduate students in the field of counseling.