Our Services

Individual Counseling

Many of the difficulties that students face may need to provide the counseling service individually, so that the student’s counseling plan is executed directly between the counselor and the clients, in order to help him/her achieving personal growth and develop his/her ability to make appropriate decisions to solve its problems. 

Individual counseling provides an opportunity for the clients to talk with the counselor about their problems and concerns in a manner that preserves their privacy and confidentiality of the information they provide during the counseling sessions. Through the individual counseling, both the counselor and the clients work to identify and discuss the problem to reach together to a set of goals and a guiding plan. They work to implement this plan in the counseling sessions, which are implemented by one session per week lasting for (45-50) minutes.

For making an appointment call: 24141826 - 24141919

Group Counseling

Group counseling is provided to a group of students at the rate of one session per week, where the client can be enrolled in the group counseling sessions, the participation of a group of clients in one counseling session, if both the counselor and the clients find that group counseling is the best in dealing with the client’s problem or interests. This is mostly in cases of feeling isolated or lonely, or to develop the client’s ability to deal with others, or to train in communication and communication skills. Sometimes the client may suffer from behavioral or emotional difficulties that require discussion in the presence of a group of clients who suffer from the same difficulties. The give and take between clients whose difficulties are similar helps the individual to understand more about his problem and realize appropriate solutions by benefiting from the experiences of others who are similar in suffering.

The group counseling session includes a group of clients consisting of (7-10). The clients must appreciate the need to preserve the privacy of others and sign a moral contract that allows them to participate.

Outreach Counseling

Because of the continuous needs for counseling, outreach counseling was developed. In this program, the counselors move to students’ location to present development and prevention programs, in order to save time in providing the service to a group of students at one time. In addition, the counselors educate the students about the expected problems and concerns, so they can overcome them properly. All of this is done through lectures, seminars and training workshops.

Career Counseling

It is the process of helping people to make their decisions to select the career or job which match their interests and abilities. This service is often provided through the following steps: 

- Helping the individuals to discover their career abilities and interests.

- Helping the individuals to understand the conditions and qualifications needed for jobs and careers.

- Attempting to match between the tendencies, abilities and professional preparations on the one hand, and the conditions and requirements for enrollment on the other hand.

- Following-up individuals in the work sites after placement to solve work problems and helping them to adjust to their new life. 

Development Counseling

The Student Counseling Center organizes a developmental counseling program in each semester in the form of weekly preventive and developmental lectures in order to achieve the program's objectives represented in the following:

- Addressing some topics that affect the university students, and directly or indirectly affect their academic achievement, such as preparing for exams, exam anxiety, and developing various life and social skills.

- Presenting information on some counseling issues that affect the university students and limit their normal academic studies, such as depression, stress and tension. 

- Addressing some topics related to the development of students’ personal skills, such as acquiring good academic skills, developing self-motivation, making decisions, and the basis for choosing a life partner.

Guidance Consultations

The Student Counseling Center provides guidance consultations for students and departments related to student services and faculty members. These consultations focus on guiding students to help them make appropriate decisions in achieving self-realization or overcoming some difficulties that can be dealt with from a distance. This service also focuses on contributing to the development of student service programs. All students and staff on the campus can contact the center by phone or come in person to receive a counseling service on various educational, psychological, social and family issues. The center also provides consultation services by e-mail. 

Relaxation Sessions

The relaxation program targets psychological support for the university students. The sessions are presented in specific weeks without prior registration. Usually, a day is set for female students, and another day for male students. Relaxation exercises are one of the means used for the relaxation process that helps psychological calm and compatibility with life in all its aspects. It also effectively deals with anxiety and stress. 


The Student Counseling Center provides a training service for postgraduate students who are specialized in counseling. The specialists also supervise the implementation of practical training programs for students of psychological counseling, vocational counseling, and rehabilitation counseling, and supervising graduate students specialized in psychological counseling during their training time at the center. 


The Student Counseling Center provides the service of applying and interpreting personality tests, tendencies, and aptitude tests if the counseling plan requires it. It also provides its services through career guidance services and training workshops. The center also aspires to Arabize and standardize some foreign tests such as (MBRI) and (CPI). 

Training Courses

The Student Counseling Center provides specialized short training courses and training workshops for university students and employees, as it aims to educate students and employees at the university about counseling services, and consolidate the culture of asking for help, in addition to promoting a culture of helping others, and providing trainees with some skills in the areas of daily life.

Community Services

The Student Counseling Center provides educational and awareness programs for the local community through various media means such as printed bulletins, brochures, local newspapers, and radio and television programs to educate individuals about the counseling services and make them benefit from them. The center prepares special programs, workshops and training courses. It also prepares educational and educational pamphlets and brochures. It provides consultations related to psychological counseling in general and human behavior and human relations in particular. It also provides assessment services according to the needs of public or private sector institutions.