Research and Measurement

The Center’s Research and Measurement Department works on preparing scientific studies in the field of psychology in general, and psychological counseling in particular, in which university students are primarily targeted. Some research studies target faculty members, employees, or community members. So far, the department published 5 studies in refereed scientific newspaper, and two studies are accepted for publication. In addition, two research papers were presented in two international conferences, one inside the Sultanate and the other outside.

The Research and Measurement Department includes a set of psychological tests (87 tests) used in evaluating the various psychological aspects of the guides, as they are distributed over different areas; Such as: anxiety, depression, mental health, behavior and values, mental abilities, beliefs and attitudes, and conformity.

The Department works on collecting these tests from various sources and updating them constantly. It also tries to focus on collecting tests that are adapted to the Omani environment. These tests are made available for use by professionals as needed in evaluating their clients.


 SCC Published Research

Faculty and Staff Attitudes towards Student Counseling Center and Its Services

Quality of Student Counseling Centre’s Services at Sultan Qaboos University: Students’ Perceptions

Counseling Needs Among Sultan Qaboos University's Students in Light of Some Demographic Variables

University Students’ Beliefs about Counseling and its Relationship to Adjustment Styles

Smoking among Sultan Qaboos University Students: Prevalence rates, attiudes, causes and treatment



Contact with the Department:

Marwa Al Rajhi: 24143142