Meet and Greet

It is a program designed specifically to welcome new international students with the aim of getting to know each other and strengthening ties between students by giving them an opportunity to communicate and share their experiences, as well as grabbing some time to entertain them.

Meet and Greet/2022


Student Trips

The Deanship of Postgraduate Studies represented by the International Students Section organizes recreational and cultural trips every semester for international Postgraduate students.
These trips introduce international students to the most important tourist attractions in Oman, the culture and customs of the authentic Omani society through traditional games and cultural competitions. It helps to integrate and break the ice between international and Omani students.

Latest Trips


Cultural Day

A day where all the various cultures meets, with the aim of breaking the routine and getting some time to entertain students and visitors . In additional to introduce the university community to international students, their cultures, their food and inherited customs, in addition to strengthening the bonds between the participants by giving them an opportunity to communicate and review their cultures. The event is characterized by the nature of competition between the participating countries, whether in the countries exhibition, which consists of corners dedicated to presenting everything that represents their popular cultures, or the live performances, which are represented in the various folk arts.

Cultural Day 2019