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The deanship is responsible for organizing, supervising, promoting and supporting research as the means for vast development and technological advancement. The role that DOR is playing in augmenting and expanding human knowledge is recognized through persistently seeking ways and new endeavors to encourage, develop, promote and support scientific activities both locally and internationally. The deanship has largely concentrated and carefully considered modernizing and developing its tools to include interdisciplinary research with emphasis on integrated and comprehensive tracks in all disciplines. The deanship aims at achieving the university’s objective of helping faculty members at the university to push their research to internationally recognized levels and to promote scientific knowledge. The deanship provides researchers with whatever they need, from the latest equipment, to programs that help them accomplish their research proposals in the best possible manner.

The Deanship of Research shoulders the following responsibilities: 

  • Funding research projects conducted by faculty members and other university personnel. 
  • DOR ensures that most of applied research proposals are funded locally or from agencies.
  • Publishing original research proposals, studies, books, translations and manuscripts. 
  • Issuing set of journals published in different fields. 


We look ahead towards further developing our services to meet all challenges of tomorrow with confidence and security in the knowledge that, it can continue to build upon the considerable success of previous endeavors. Meantime, while thanking you for visiting our website, we will be at your disposal to answer your queries.



The vision of the Deanship of Research is to facilitate the development of a vibrant research culture at Sultan Qaboos University, thereby making the University a top research institution in the region.



Under the guidance of the DVC-PSR, the Deanship for Research will contribute to the enhancement of research culture and productivity at SQU, including:

  • Strategic planning and policy formulation in relation to building research capacity and performance


  • Monitoring research and research training activity and performance


  • Implementing policies and practices designed to improve research capacity and performance


  • Providing regular feed-back to the DVC-PSR about issues relating to research


  • Fostering activities designed to promote outputs and outcomes of research nationally and internationally


  • liaison with the Research Council


  • Encouraging research leading to innovation and entrepreneurship 


  • Raising external funding to support research at the University. 



Deanship has three departments namely:

  • Research Affairs Department  
  • Academic Publication & Outreach 
  • Administration and Financial Affairs 


Deanship of Research

Dean's Office :  Phone : + 968 - 2414 - 5923

Administration:  Phone: + 968 - 2414 - 5939