Research Administration Department

The Research department underpins the University's efforts to manage its research activity in a strategic, streamlined and effective manner. The office is run by the Director who reports to the Dean of Research. It processes on an annual basis some 200 applications for funding, with a total value of 3 million Rails. A core function of the office is to play a key role in the development and implementation of the University's research policy and strategy, including oversight of the University's submission to The Research Council Grants. The office comprises both pre-award and post-award teams. Pre-award are responsible for the dissemination of information on research funding opportunities; the identification of University research expertise; the facilitation of interdisciplinary bids for funds; the development and growth of the University's research portfolio; and assistance with the completion of grant applications. Additionally, this team provides support service in order to safeguard the right of academics to publish without undue restrictions, and to minimize financial risk to the institution. The post-award team undertakes the financial administration of all grants and contracts, ensuring the efficient recovery of expenditure, and compliance with both the external funders regulations, as well as with the internal financial regulations of the University. To maximize strategic interactions, the office works closely with The Research Council, the Business Partnerships, Innovation Department and the External Relations Office.