Abdul Hakeem Hamad Al Mamari

Director - Department of Administrative and Financial Affairs 


Administrative and Financial Affairs Department

The Department of administrative and financial affairs at the Deanship of research was established based on the decision of the president of the University No. 867/2019 dated 18/11/2019 to approve the organizational structure of the Deanship of research. The department performs the disbursement and procurement procedures related to scientific research and the Deanship of research, and works on preparing the draft budgets of the deanship and preparing the monthly and final statements. The department is also concerned with providing and supervising all administrative requirements related to personnel affairs within the deanship. 

Director's Message

As a department of Administrative and Financial Affairs, we are committed to providing high quality services, contributing to the university's development and progress according to the approved laws and regulations.
Additionally, we strive to provide a suitable working environment for our employees to enhance their efficiency and development.

Abdul Hakeem  Hamad Al Mamari
Director of the Administrative and Financial Affairs Department


Department sections
  • Section of Research Budgets:

The section specializes in preparing financial statements for research budgets as well as following up on the expenditure plan following the proposals for research projects and preparing reports on them. The section is also responsible for including the approved budgets in the human and financial resources system, as well as opening and closing the annual budgets for research and making transfers between budget items. The section also follows up with the funding bodies regarding the funded research projects in collaboration with the Department of Research Affairs.

  • Section of Treasury:

This section is responsible for issuing checks from bank accounts for scientific research and for preparing lists of cashed checks. In addition, the section is responsible for following up with bank accounts by reviewing bank statements, determining deposits and returns, and making bank matching procedures. The section is also responsible for issuing loans for scientific research, as well as monitoring bank accounts, and accounting for interest and fines.

  • Section of Research Expenses:

The section is responsible for disbursement procedures related to the remuneration of researchers, consultants, and researchers participating in research projects. Among these procedures are allowances and travel allowances for researchers, as well as financial compensation for research projects. As part of its responsibilities, the section also prepares periodic reports on all research expenses.  

  • Section of Research Procurement follow-up:

The section introduces researchers to optimal methods for managing procurement for research projects. It also facilitates the use of research equipment available at the university. It also monitors and manages the hardware system.

  • Administrative Affairs section:

The section is responsible for the coordination and following-up of all units and departments of the University regarding administrative and financial matters related to the Deanship of Research. As part of its responsibilities, it is also responsible for entering procurement requests for the deanship as well as ensuring that appropriate administrative and financial procedures and controls are followed in this regard. Furthermore, it is responsible for maintaining the records and files of the Deanship's employees, preparing training lists for them, and coordinating with the appropriate authorities. It also supervises the Deanship's warehouses and materials.