Publication and Outreach

The Department of Scientific Publication and Outreach at the Sultan Qaboos University is concerned with implementing decisions of the Academic Publication Board regarding the publication of books and academic journals. It also handles the academic contributions of SQU scholars at external conferences and highlights their research through the media. The purpose is to establish a close link between all sectors of the local community and the university’s research community and their scientific achievements which would contribute to overcoming various obstacles and seeking solutions to existing problems.

Director's Message

Since its inception in 1986, Sultan Qaboos University has been entirely concerned with upgrading all aspects of the educational process, by creating an environment for acquiring knowledge and conducting research. This has been demonstrated in providing the infrastructures, facilities, incentives and awards, as well as recruiting scientists and professors, to contribute towards capacity building and the development plans in the country. The University has made heart-warming, constructive steps – competing with prominent global academic institutions, winning academic, prestigious awards in recognition of its efforts in enhancing research, disseminating knowledge and maintaining an academically solid and sound approach in line with international standards. H.M. Sultan Qaboos, whose name the University is particularly honored to carry, and the senior officers of the University have always been aware that academic institutions are not merely rising buildings, sophisticated equipment, teachers and students, but are also centers for generating  knowledge that serves society and humanity as a whole through promoting steady progress and ensuring a sound and healthy intellectual life. Therefore, they have been determined to enhance research and academic publishing through putting in place all resources, capabilities, awards and rank promotions. The Department of Academic Publication and Outreach is but the outcome of such efforts. The unlimited support for the Department is testimony to the awareness among senior officers of the significance of academic publishing, as a leading indicator of the progress of nations, and the role of science in building and sustaining civilizations. We welcome submissions from all researchers, and we are ready to offer full support so that the findings of their work can be published for the benefit of society. We are also happy to receive constructive views and feedback in order to develop the Department’s performance, and thus attain its mission and goals. We do not intend here to list the tasks and responsibilities of the Department. Instead, you can browse our website and look closely at our publications and efforts. May Allah guide us all to what is good and beneficial to society and mankind under the leadership and guidance of H.M. Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, the mentor and wise leader of the renaissance of Oman. 


Director, Department of Publication & Outreach

Department section

Academic Publication:

Academic Publishing is one of the DAPO’s sections. It handles the different stages of book production, including receiving the manuscript, cover design, and marketing through channels available on campus or beyond the university. Further, the section is in charge of book refereeing, financial affairs as to fees of authors and referees and costs of publishing and marketing, and keeping records of sales of publications. The section is also assigned with organizing the meetings of the SQU’s Academic Publishing Board and implementing its decisions. Being concerned with all aspects of academic publishing at the SQU, the Board is regarded as the executive body that regulates the process of publishing and its provisions and updates. It publishes the university’s diverse intellectual work according to world publishing standards as to editing, documenting, and printing. All publishing at the university is carried out in line with the rules and procedures of the academic publishing at the university.


This is one of the DAPO’s sections which assumes the role of commercializing the university’s research and publishing efforts locally and internationally.

Conference Attendance:

This section is responsible for regulating the process of attending conferences using the available funding resources. It also processes applications for attending conferences through an online electronic system accessible to all the university’s employees.


صور الموظفين ثيم [Recovered] (1)

Basma Yahya Al-Shabibi 

Deputy Director of Academic Publication










Khalsa Ahmed Al Amri 
Head Of Academic Outreach Section


Raqiya Hamed Al-Araimi 
Head Of Conference Affairs Section


صور الموظفين ثيم [Recovered]-11

Yahya Said Al- Haji 
Head Of Scientific Publishing


صور الموظفين ثيم [Recovered]-12

Jihad Ahmed Al-Bahrani

Academic Outreach Section

صور الموظفين ثيم [Recovered]-07

Amur Khalfan Al Kharusi

Academic Outreach Section


صور الموظفين ثيم [Recovered]-13

Badar Mohammed Al-Ghafri

Academic Publication Section


صور الموظفين ثيم [Recovered]-03

Fahoud Saif Al Nassri

Conference Affairs Section

صور الموظفين ثيم [Recovered]-10

Sara Humood Al Habsi

Conference Affairs Section










Ibtesam Said Al Harthi 
Academic Outreach Section


صور الموظفين ثيم [Recovered]-08

Khalid Mohammed Al Balushi

Academic Publication Section









Osaid Ahmed Al Balushi

Academic Outreach Section