Latest Research Highlights

Main Library services for researchers highlighted  

A study conducted by Dr. Nabhan Al-Harrasi, SQU, has highlighted the considerable role the library plays in the service of researchers and those who are interested in carrying out research projects on issues related to the Sultanate. As part of its mission, the library makes it easy for students and researchers to obtain membership, and provides guidelines, instructions and necessary training to help clients access its services and acquire information awareness skills, especially in a digital environment.

The study, entitled "The Societal Responsibility of the Main Library of SQU and its Role in Promoting Research in the Sultanate", has emphasized the important role of the library in providing consultations, assisting in the establishment of modern libraries in the Sultanate, and the renewal of others. It also focused on the current trends of cooperating with public and private sector institutions, especially in preparing training programs that meet the needs of the beneficiaries in obtaining the necessary information and skills.

The study examined the different societal roles of the main library and their implications for teaching and research. It focused on its efforts in the areas of research, training and information awareness programs, providing consultations, and cooperating with various cultural institutions and other libraries inside and outside the Sultanate. 

The study used a combined approach to achieve its goals, which is an approach based on linking qualitative and quantitative data in a way that allows for the identification of the breadth and spread of the event, while analyzing it in depth to identify its various implications. In order to reach results, the study analyzed a set of reports and statistics prepared by the library and reveal such aspects as: the library's annual report, training report, cross-borrowing report, and finally training and information awareness programs.

The research findings showed that there are many factors that helped the Main Library to perform several roles that reflect its social responsibility. They relate to the continuous support from the higher administration of the University, specialized and qualified staff to carry out the tasks of the library and achieve its mission, and the wide relations that link the library with other libraries, cultural groups and publishers, which have helped promote collaborations in providing programs for training and information awareness.

The study recommended the optimal utilization of modern technology in training and information awareness programs, especially network training and digitization of intellectual production in order to make it available in the National Digital Repository Project, which constitutes an important national database for research in the Sultanate.  

The study results were presented at the thirtieth annual conference of the Arab Federation of Libraries and Information, which was held in Tunis from 28-30 October 2019.