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Marketing of Research Boosts Knowledge Economy

19 Jun, 2022 | Return|

Numerous countries are now adopting a knowledge-based model of the economy where human capital, intellect and research are deemed essential. However, research can only be useful and impactful when it reaches the public. As such, effective dissemination and marketing of research results is a challenge many universities and research institutions face nowadays. How then can research output be best communicated, disseminated and marketed? 

To begin with, scholars agree that having a well-defined, forward-looking and flexible vision for research and research dissemination is a crucial starting point. Such a vision should specify what is being researched, how and with what results. The vision should also determine how research results are to be disseminated and marketed. 

Research can also be marketed through institutional and individual collaboration and networking. Universities and individuals should join efforts and work collaboratively to establish real and effective partnerships among themselves, whereby innovative faculty members and research students can effectively network, conduct multi-disciplinary research and benefit from the research capacities in place. Research exchange programs could also be a potential outcome of such partnerships. This would create numerous opportunities for researchers to collaborate and promote their research ideas.  

Effective partnership with the industry is also another important strategy that universities and research institutions should adopt to effectively market their research efforts and output. The industry provides research with ideas while, in return, research offers solutions to the industry. 

Last but not least, the role of new technologies cannot be overlooked. An increasing amount of research is now being conducted, shared and marketed via social media accounts and platforms including Research Gate, Linkedin and YouTube as world-renowned platforms, and SQU Pure and Shuaa as local hosts of research profiles and repositories.      


Dr. Hashil Al-Saadi 

Centre for Preparatory Studies